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Letter - Aug., 6, 2016 by Al and Barbara Wiliams



My gosh, how low does politics get?

We just got a mailer attacking Angie Homola who is running for the State Senate against Barbara Bailey.

This bit of baloney about Angie is lower than a snake and I hope people recognize how wrong it is.

Living in a nearby neighborhood we’ve known Angie and her family for nearly 15 years and don’t know more disciplined, public service-minded and intellectually talented people. Her husband Jerry is one hardworking guy and their kids have been respectful to all in the neighborhood while becoming academic achievers like none we’ve known.

Moreover, Angie’s service as one of our county commissioners was an example of the best we could have asked for during those difficult days when budgets were depleted, investments were dumping, and all the commissioners were scrambling to find ways to get the things done that needed to get done.

Back then the whole nation was struggling with a war we had no business getting into, jobs were disappearing, families suffered and even some government agencies were going bankrupt.

As service-minded commissioners, Angie and Helen Price-Johnson generously donated much of their salaries to help out. When have we ever seen that sort of thing from government officials?

We sure didn’t from that “third commissioner” who was supposed to be representing the North End and all of Camano Island.

Good grief, Barbara Bailey, are things so bad for you that it requires stooping to this sort of disgraceful campaigning?

Al & Barbara Williams

Oak Harbor


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