We have worked with Nick Petrish through his campaign as a Democratic candidate for Skagit County commissioner and then his two campaigns as a Democratic candidate for positions in the state Legislature.

Thus we were profoundly surprised and deeply disappointed to observe his recent endorsement of the Republican candidate for the 10th LD state Senate seat. This endorsement completely contradicts Nick’s liberal passion toward the Bernie for President movement.

We had also known Nick to advocate health care for seniors and equal pay for women, and to recognize the truth in climate science. It now raises the question, why endorse a candidate whose Republican party platform puts all these issues on the back burner?

Finally, we wonder how Nick’s endorsement of a legislator with an 11 percent AFL/CIO rating will go over with his fellow union workers.

We, the chair of the 10th District Democrats, the chair of the Skagit County Democrats, the chair of the Island County Democrats and the chair of the Snohomish County Democrats, continue to strongly endorse Democrat Angie Homola for the state Senate. She is an advocate for accountable government, and she will represent people, not corporate donors.


Alec McDougall

10th District Democratic chair

Mount Vernon