Angie’s Local Government Achievements

While serving as Island County Commissioner during the Great Recession 2009 - 2013 and with the help of elected officials, department heads, and staff


Angie Homola swearing inGovernment Trust and Transparency: Implemented video recorded Board of County Commissioner meetings to the public for the first time in county history and made committee appointments an open public process. Mandated annual employee reviews to assure accountability to the public while enabling employees a fair review process, fair wages and benefits, and a safe work environment.

Reduced Expenses: When Angie took office, Island County was headed for financial insolvency by 2015. To prevent this, Angie cut General Fund expenses by 20%, earning the County a AA bond rating. She downsized departments, reined in energy and medical costs, and froze elected official salaries. To support needed services Angie donated over $30,000 of her salary.

Public Safety: In spite of huge cuts, allocated over 56% of the General Fund budget to Law and Justice and improved ICOM 911 response capacity. Secured long range funding for deputy training and equipment replacement, and improved the Emergency Service Department.

Economic Development: Angie helped secure funding for property owners to maintain forestry and agricultural practices, promoted tourism revenue by enhancing public beach access, and park and trail improvements, and she helped craft visionary land use ordinances to promote local business opportunities while safeguarding natural resources. Angie Angie Homola with_Naval_Officerunderstands the strategic location of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island and went to the Pentagon to urge an appropriate number of P-8A Poseidon squadrons be located at NASI. She continues to advocate for a safe and balanced occupation of military operations that coexists in harmony with local business, schools, the environment, parks, and residential communities. She understands the importance of a diverse economy that is not solely reliant on a military presence. Admiral Gary Roughead, former U.S. Commander of Naval Operations shared that problems can arise for both parties when communities rely too heavily on military installations.

Veterans: Angie discovered a gross abuse of the Island County indigent veterans fund. She then drastically overhauled the program by implementing fair policies and procedures; thereby increasing services from some 5 to 100 veterans annually. She lobbied state legislators to revise policies to aid vets. Angie visited veteran service centers in Skagit, Snohomish and Island County's to learn about the struggles returning vets face and what steps need to be taken to help them cope with PTSD and to Angie Homola Wallfind jobs here at home. Angie met with Chief of Naval Operations in the Pentagon to advocate for equitable TriCare services, pre-school impact aide, and rehabilitation programs for war-ravaged veterans.

Employee protections and equitable pay: Fought to maintain employee medical benefits over inadequate stipends while streamlining policy options. When cuts forced expenditure reductions employee hours of service vs. hourly wages were reduced. Angie gained support for annual employee reviews, and merit vs. longevity increases that enabled experience based appropriate wages.

Quality of Life: Using best available science – and full community support, she updated the Shoreline Master Program to ban finfish net pens, thereby protecting the marine environment and the sustainable fleet fishing industry in Washington. Protected shorelines, parks, trails, and open space by adopting and complying with Washington State’s Growth Management Act requirements in concert with the Conservation Futures Funds and grant support.

Historic Preservation: Collaborated with the Town of Coupeville to produce comprehensive preservation policies for Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve. Supported archival, historic site, and architectural historic preservation. Served on the Ebey’s Landing National Historical Trust Board.

Technology: Updated ancient equipment and technology thereby improving staff productivity and public access to permitting, GIS mapping, licensing, and government services.

Energy Efficiency: Introduced sustainable practices, reduced paper waste, idling and trip reductions, and community solar energy projects. Adopted curb side recycling county wide; however before the program wasAngie Homola path implemented, it was regrettably undone by the next Board of County Commissioners.

Environmental Health and Resource Preservation: Implemented clean water and low impact development programs. Restored forage fish habitat, and secured additional public beach and open space. Produced a Parks Plan, and supported sustainable land use policies that protect jobs and natural resources.


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