Art Huffine

Compare backers of Bailey, Homola

Letter by Art Huffine

September 10, 2016 



Let me see if I’ve got this straight. The Republican machine puts out a full-page mailer filled with lies, half truths and photo shopped pictures attacking Angie Homola. These are exactly the same tactics used by Sen. Barbara Bailey in her attacks against former senator Mary Margaret Haugen four years ago.

But Barbara Bailey is a sweet, lovable little old lady who is completely innocent, and the big, bad Democrats who are incensed by these dirty campaign tactics are actually the ones guilty of being “attack dogs.”

This sounds an awful lot like the tactics of Donald Trump – attack your opponent for the very thing you are guilty of.

If you have any doubts about who controls and finances each campaign go to the Public Disclosure Commission website and look at who the donors are.

It is a matter of public record. In the first seven pages of Bailey’s PDC filing there is only corporations and organizations, many from out of state, and one individual. That one person is the executive director of the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce.

By contrast, the large majority of Angie Homola’s contributors are individuals, and all are from Washington state.

Who would you rather have working for you in Olympia, someone who is supported mostly by individuals, or someone who gets their support mainly from out of state corporations and super pacs with anonymous donors?

To me it is clear. I am voting for Angie Homola.

Art Huffine

Oak Harbor

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