Published Oct. 26, 2016 from Babette Thompson


Praise candidates, don’t smear them


I’m sick of it — Barbara Bailey’s smear campaign against Angie Homola is driving me up a wall. Why is Barbara afraid to address the issues in this campaign? Why is she relying entirely on negative advertising? The reason is that her smear campaign against Mary Margaret Haugen worked so she’s doing it again. If it succeeds again, shame on us!

The campaign is wholly based on misrepresentations and outright lies. For example, she stated that Angie Homola, while a county commissioner raised taxes 13 times. Angie was only a commissioner for four years. She took office at the height of the “Great Recession.” Property values were falling, homes were repossessed and there was an increasing need for the social services being provided by the county.

Angie and fellow Commissioner Helen Price Johnson did yeoman’s work to thread the line between squeezing the budget and maintaining necessary services. Angie even gave back thousands of dollars of her salary to maintain services. The two of them deserve medals, not smears.

If we had fact checkers like Politifact most of Barbara Bailey’s campaign ads would be rated “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” like Donald Trump. Let’s not reward that kind of behavior. Lets send Homola to Olympia so she can do in the State Capitol what she did as county commissioner — put the fiscal house in order.

Babette Thompson


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