Aug 28th, 2016 from Bill O'Dannel

Letter: Bailey’s campaign benefitted from similar mailings before

Regarding Barbara Bailey’s letter, “Candidate doesn’t condone negative campaign mailers”: Had her campaign not used the very same technique(s) in her efforts to unseat Mary Margaret Haugen in a previous election, I might be tempted to believe her and her sincerity. The flyers, then and now, look amazingly similar. She claims that she knew nothing of these mailings, yet I have received two of them thus far. Someone authorized and paid to have them printed and mailed, if not Barbara then who is responsible for such underhanded distribution of dirt? Whatever caused her to make the statement in The Herald does not convince me that she is an upstanding, honorable person who is actively trying to assist her constituents.

I promised myself, many years ago, that I would not vote for anyone who would stoop low enough to degrade their opponent using such methods. Bailey may not count on my vote this year or any other year.

Bill O’Dannel

Camano Island

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