Get The Facts:

Screen_Shot_2016-07-25_at_6.26.36_PM.pngBarbara Bailey and her special interest friends are running a last minute smear campaign against Angie. 

Voters want to talk about the issues, not more smear tactics. It's time for Barbara Bailey to disavow these attacks and to give back the funds she has received from these groups that are misleading voters.

In true form on July 20th 2016 thousands of people received Barbara Bailey’s unscrupulous “Good Government Leadership Council” hit piece. This is the same outfit that sent copious defamatory hit pieces against Mary Margaret Haugen on Barbara’s behalf in her 2012 campaign for State Senate. 

The response has been one of overwhelming disgust from Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike. Only a desperate and/or immorally bankrupt public servant would stoop to the gutter to secure her elected position. It was this kind of dirty politics and corruption that inspired me to run for office in the first place and is exactly why people are standing with me to be their public servant.

The  “Good Government Leadership Council” is a Political Action Committee that represents what Americans are tired of - the behind the scenes corporate buying of our government. Their donors aren’t PAC’s of hard working citizens, or entities that fight for equal rights and fair pay, or green jobs and environmental protections. They are anonymous donors consisting primarily of insurance companies, predatory lenders and debt collectors, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, ALEC, and Koch Brothers.

Here’s a break down of some of the “Good Government Leadership Council's” top funders:


Here are the facts behind the attacks:

Part I: Island County Plans Examiner and Inspector Trainee “Fired”… False:

The fact is that during my time working for the county I faced a hostile work environment and a series of misleading and false accusations were made against me and my work performance.  As a result I negotiated a lay off to leave the position and each of the claims was rebutted in my personnel file.

It is these false and hostile accusations that Barbara Bailey and her special interest friends are presenting as fact in an attempt to mislead voters.  Don't believe the lies.  I have a history of working hard for people and it is largely because of the poor management that I experienced at the county that I chose to run 5 years later for County Commissioner.


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