published Oct. 25, 2016 from Chris Richards


What we know about the candidates


Dear Editor,

We have learned much about Angie Homola and Barbara Bailey.

Angie is funded largely by individuals and unions representing carpenters, teachers, electricians and the like. Bailey and her PACs are funded mostly by business: big, out-of-state business.

Angie believes the science behind global warming and is committed to finding solutions. Bailey gets her positions from the Heartland Institute, a climate denier “think” tank.

Angie understands the challenges facing students and will find realistic solutions. Bailey touts supporting a bill making token college tuition reductions.

Angie researches issues carefully and is articulate. Bailey looks to the American Legislative Exchange Council for her positions. For years she has repeated slogans such as, “regulatory reform,” “balanced budgets,” and “pushing back environmental regulations“ but offers no specifics.

Angie is conducting an open, clean campaign focusing on issues while Bailey is using negative, smear tactics funded by PACs within PACS – you get the picture, complete obscurity.

Angie will bring a fresh, energetic approach to issues. Bailey has been in the legislature 14 years, is tired and brings no new ideas to the process.

Angie’s record of bringing transparency and accountability to Island County government gives me hope that we can take back our government and election process so that it serves the people and preserves this incredible democracy. This is why I will be casting my vote for Angie Homola for state senator from the 10th Legislative District.


Chris Richards

Camano Island

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