LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Support Angie Homola in race for state Senate

May 6, 2016



It seems this political season has cheers, fears, and anxiety in spades, but at the local level things are looking up. We have a truly exceptional candidate running to represent us in the state Senate, our own former county commissioner Angie Homola.

I’ve followed her political aspirations for a decade and can assure you, she is the real deal. Angie’s a unique community leader willing to fight for “good” government. Her website nameangieforpeople.com clearly indicates why she is running.

Angie gives the attention to government that the rest of us give to our families. Hardly a passive bystander, she meticulously digs into the details and makes informed decisions based on logic and details rather than questionable partisan objectives. Her aim has consistently targeted long-term public benefit, things like: education, fair and equal wages, support for the middle class, proactive response to climate change, not commercializing state parks around here and preserving our environmental assets.

During her term as commissioner, our county faced a great recession. Angie was the go-to person who diligently researched programs and issues before making difficult decisions to reduce general fund expenses by a whopping 20 percent while improving transparency and services. Her efforts helped the county earn a AA bond rating in the midst of the recession.

As a candidate for the people, her support comes from everyday people. In contrast, incumbent opponent Barbara Bailey has collected over $1 million for partisan interest groups such as the infamous Koch brothers and ALEC. Small wonder my numerous pleas and comments to Bailey over the years have failed to even elicit a polite acknowledgement, let alone any noticeable action. What kind of representation is this?

We deserve and need proven, passionate and energetic representation for the people in our 10th Legislative District. Things are indeed looking up. Check out that Angie Homola website above and join me in getting a tenacious fighter in our corner, working for people and place, not big corporations.



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