Bailey goes negative again in campaign

Everett Herald


  • Wed Jul 27th, 2016 1:30am


Well, there she goes again. We predicted Barbara Bailey’s campaign would send around a nasty character assassination of her opponent, Angie Homola. Sen. Bailey has established a practice of using dark money to disparage those whom she runs against. The latest negative “hit piece” was produced by the “Good Government Leadership Council,” an organization with no published phone number in Centralia. However, this time around Bailey’s bullying behavior won’t work because the voters of the 10th Legislative District can see through her tactics. It may have been effective in previous campaigns, but we see the pattern. These dirty tactics speak volumes about Bailey’s character. She models unethical behavior in her way to re-election, instead of sticking to issues and accomplishments. Even her supporters are disturbed by this approach.

Sen. Bailey has amassed over a million dollars in contributions from corporations outside the state. Bailey doesn’t represent her constituents, she stands up for the Koch Brothers, big oil, insurance, Big Tobacco, telecommunications and pharmaceutical corporations.

Candidate Angie Homola is extremely well educated and qualified and ready to serve as our state senator. She is an advocate for the people of this district and has received dozens of endorsements and contributions from individuals in this district.

Shame on Barbara Bailey, she’s gone to the dark side and we deserve better.

Elaine Richards

Camano Island

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