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Editorial: Published Oct. 2, 2016

Take a deep breath South Whidbey, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. After weeks of keeping silent and running straight letters on the opinion page — yes, it was exceedingly difficult — here it is: The Record’s general election endorsements.

Starting with the much debated and heated race for state Senate, we’ll be casting our vote for Angie Homola. This was not an easy choice; neither Homola nor incumbent Barbara Bailey are the villains their critics make them out to be, and both are experienced government leaders and champions of their platforms. Both have done good work, but we believe Homola is ultimately a better fit for South Whidbey.

The former county commissioner is dedicated, studious (irritatingly so at times) and exceptionally hardworking. She has experience keeping the wheels of government turning when revenues crash and has been a champion of transparency and the environment. She also takes the threat of climate change seriously and will be a voice on this issue in Olympia. Washington will need that in the years ahead.

Bailey has done some good things as well, her work making historic reductions to college tuition and her support of the Dream Act chief among them. Republicans who can’t endure Homola’s progressive positions would do fine casting a vote for Bailey.

In other state races.........



Kevin Ranker, Washington State Senator, 40th District

Having worked with Angie when she was an Island County Commissioner and knowing her since, it is clear to me that she is exactly the sort of thoughtful moderate leader who will champion the values of the 10th Legislative District in Olympia.  From fighting for our active duty military and veterans, to protecting small businesses and farms to transportation, Angie has the experience and skills to be an excellent Senator.


Joan Schrammeck (Fire Mountain Solar of Mount Vernon and serving on the boards of the Port Susan Food and Farming Center and Solar Washington)

We need a legislator who cares about communities, about people. We need someone who understands the ways state laws affect people’s lives, who “gets” science and will stand up for our farmlands as well as the environment, who sees making policy as a means for making good in the world. We need a legislator who is dedicated to public service for the purpose of serving the community and who thinks for herself. Angie Homola is all these things and more. She is energetic and smart. Importantly, the balance of power in our State Senate needs to be in the hands of Democrats for our state legislature to make progress instead of being frozen in gridlock.


Dr. Ann Dannhauer (M.D Internal Medicine and former Coupeville Town Council member)

Angie is honest, sincere, and works hard for the benefit of the community and the environment.  


Dean Enell (Island County Planning Commissioner, Clinton Ferry Advisory Committee and Island County Conservation Futures Advisory Board)


 Angie Homola is an articulate, energetic and meticulously informed leader that is able to get things done. As a County Commissioner she could be counted on to thoroughly research issues, listen to all points of view and implement workable solutions. I'm confident she will be an uncompromised and potent voice for the people of the 10th legislative district as a State Senator.  


John Graham, Director - Giraffe Heroes International  


  I’ve known Angie since the great battles to get the County to adopt a fair and far-sighted Comprehensive Plan in the 1990s.  She’s tough, smart and honest, with the good of the County constantly in her sights. 



 Paul Matthews (Electronic Engineer - So. Whidbey)  




 Keep me happy. Vote Angie! 



Karen and Dave Anderson (Dave is a former State Representative (Legislative Dist. 10)

Angie is hard working, tenacious and a quick study. She will put her heart into representing us in Olympia and keeping in touch with constituents at home..

John Fowkes a: Family Man, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Businessman

I will be voting for Angie Homola for WA Senate LD10 no matter how much the other side trys to tear her down because I know that she is a person of action, integrity and direction.

Angie Homola is the candidate for action. Angie Homola shows up and serves! Check out her website, "My volunteer service includes beach cleanup, scuba diving to remove debris in Oak Harbor’s public lagoon, removal of noxious weeds on public land, theater ushering and set building, playground construction, and teaching enrichment courses in the Oak Harbor School District - earning me a coveted Golden Acorn Award."

Angie Homola is the candidate for the people! Angie Homola is the candidate with Integrity! Angie Homola, "formed a grass roots non-profit group to advocate for accountable government, a sound economy, and responsible growth."

Only Candidates of integrity like Angie Homola belive in transparent government - of the people, by the people, for the people!

Only Angie Homola is for getting the money out of politics by depending on Small contributions and not the corporate "croney capitolist" contributions of her opponant. Angie Homola is the candidate for the people! Angie Homola is the candidate with the right direction!

Angie Homola knows to, "Always think about tomorrow when making decisions today" and that is important if we want our children and grandchildren to see the beauty of nature that we have today for their children.

Angie Homola is for responsible growth!

Angie Homola will do what she has to, to save important wildlife habitat from development until adequate science proves we do not need that habitat, not the other way around! Angie Homola is the candidate for the people, their children and grandchildren!

I will be voting for Angie Homola for WA Senate LD10, I know that she is a person of action, integrity and headed in the right direction. 


Laurie Keith - South Whidbey (and beyond)

Honest, fearless, committed, hard working and dedicated to real well being for people and the environment. at Inn at Langley 


Mitch Howard - Coupeville

Hi! My name is Mitchell Howard. My wife Gladys and I moved to Coupeville on Whidbey Island, with our then-very-young son Ted in tow, to take over the then-young Inn at Penn Cove way back in 1993 and have lived in the confines of the 10th Legislative District all those years since.

I’m writing to encourage my fellow Kossacks to look into, and, I hope, support, the candidacy of Angie Homola in the upcoming election. The incumbent, Sen. Barbara Bailey (R), has been in our famously dysfunctional State Lege for quite a while, both as a State Rep., and, since 1993, in the Senate. For two decades before Barbara, we were well-represented by Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen. You can read more about why Sen. Bailey needs replacement at the above link to Angie’s campaign site.

I came to know Angie Homola during the two and a half years I served on the Island County Planning Commission, which period overlapped with Angie’s term as one of our three County Commissioners (the latter a full-time job here in Island County, combining executive and legislative powers). I found Angie to be a passionate advocate for a sustainable future in our beautiful region. She was a hard-working public servant as County Commissioner and she is a hard-working citizen now. I don’t doubt that, if elected, she would bring the same kind of focused energy to Olympia.

Thank you for your consideration.


Helen Price Johnson - Island County Commissioner

Mike & Karen Noblet

Drew Kampion

Stuart Heady

John Lovick

Mary Willis

Susan Ronken

Dorothy Kulwin

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