Final Election Facts

Dear Voter, 

My opponent is afraid to run on issues or her record. She now has a pattern of waging desperate and contemptible campaigns that represent the worst of politics. While I cannot prevent her from lying and misleading voters I can provide the facts:


On my Island County Planning Department Employee Personnel File 2001-2004:


Bosses don’t like it when employees expose their corruption and will stoop to any level to prevent exposure. And so will Barbara Bailey by hiding behind her corporate funders while claiming innocence.


After my exemplary service and nothing but accolades for 2 ½ years in the Planning Department at Island County, I inadvertently exposed the covert agenda of the sitting District 2 Commissioner and his accomplice, the department head. What ensued were four months of harassment, and unfounded accusations placed in my personnel file in direct violation of union agreements and whistle blower (Weingarten Rights) in an attempt to provide “evidence” for a forced termination.


I negotiated a lay-off rather than pursue a Hostile Work Environment Grievance and submitted volumes of substantiating documents to my personnel file to rebut the false claims. (see attached)


Some 4 years later, I discovered a second, and egregious, abuse of public funds by the same District 2 Commissioner (who was responsible for papering my file). I decided to run for Island County Commissioner to make government accountable. Rather than oblige the records retention agreement for the destruction of my personnel file – it was cherry picked by the opposition for slanderous purposes. Voters were outraged and saw through the deception, many of them shared with me similar employer abuses. That was all aired in my 2008 Island County Commissioner campaign.


I prevailed and served as Island County Commissioner from 2009-2012. During my tenure employee performance reviews became mandatory, and employees were given the option to have the HR Director present during reviews. Under my leadership as a commissioner the Planning Department implemented permit tracking software, construction detail handouts for the public, standards for review and inspections, and standards for review of projects in Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve - all things I recommended when I worked in the planning department.  


During my term as Island County Commissioner accountability and transparency were greatly improved when I brought video taped commissioner meetings to the public, and agendas for viewing in a timely fashion. This greatly improved public trust in local government.


Bailey is using select references to my sabotaged 12-year-old personnel file, as well as blogs, nondescript meeting minutes, and factually incorrect citations to mislead voters about my exemplary service record. With the help of her special interest friends Barbara has spent over $100,000 in a desperate attempt to retain her seat.


I have nothing to hide, and would be happy to set the record straight, again.


I am running for State Senate because I put PEOPLE FIRST and have a record of making government more transparent and accountable. 


Take a look at the attached records and letters of recommendation that were left out of Barbara's ads


On tax increases:

During each of my four years in office I voted to maintain the 1% general, road, and conservation levies needed to provide vital public services (the previous conservative commissioners raised them 6% in the last recession). I also supported a clean water utility to protect clean drinking and storm water in Island County. That adds up to the so called 13 taxes Bailey is attacking me for. Bailey on the other hand voted for a 12 cent per gallon gas tax increase making Washington’s the second highest in the nation, yet only ½ of one percent of that tax came back to the 10th district. 


I also supported the mental health tax put in place by conservative commissioners who recognized the need to care for local citizens, a cell phone emergency 911 fee and a tax to help local farmers. We have to wonder why Bailey doesn’t mention these other crucial economic, and public safely and health taxes.


Attached are various letters of support received throughout my career, many of these are rebuttal documents in my personnel file that were downplayed or ignored. Please feel free to call me with any questions you might have (360 632 3016):


Edward Jones (I), Staff support letter

Steve Nerison (R) Staff support letter

Resume - 10th LD Senate

HAC accolade, Bob McCaughan

Letter of appreciation from County customer

Dept head accolade

HAC letter of appreciation

J.H. Husband (engineer) accolade

Letters from former employees and educators

Lynn Goebel Citizens for Better Schools recognition

Oak Harbor Building Official letter of support

Oak Harbor School Distr. Construction mgr letter of recognition

Peter Vogel Engineer Accolade


Rick Williams letter of recognition

Letter of recommendation, Dr. Tim Lawrence 

Letter of recommendation, Mary Margarett Haugen

Letter of recommendation, Tim Nogler

Letter of recommendation, Wean

Uniform Bullding Code, plans examiner tests




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