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Barbara Bailey and her big corporate backers are running another smear campaign 

During the Primary, thousands of people received the hit pieces sent for Barbara Bailey by the malicious “Good Government Leadership Council”. This is the same group that sent hit pieces against Mary Margaret Haugen on Barbara’s behalf during her 2012 campaign for State Senate. People are on to it now.

Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike have responded with disgust. Only a desperate and morally bankrupt person would stoop this low to lodge such devious attacks in an attempt to secure their elected position. It’s this kind of underhanded and crooked behavior that inspired me to run for office in the first place, and it’s exactly why people are standing with my campaign.

Citizens are fed up with politicians who focus on vilifying their opponents rather talking about the issues. Barbara Bailey will claim no connection to these attacks, but the print media is paid for by her key funders and allies. This is yet another example of her corporate cronyism that underscores our need for campaign finance reform.  If she had integrity, she would disavow these attacks and return the dark money the backers have donated to her campaign.

The ‘Good Government Leadership Council PAC’ represents the bought-and-paid for corporate government that Americans are tired of. The Council’s key donors aren’t groups of hard working citizens or organizations that raise money to fight for things like equal rights, fair pay, green jobs, and environmental protections; they are the same donors that fund Barbara’s campaign—Big Tobacco, Big Insurance, Big Pharma and even the Koch Brothers.

Here’s a break down of some of the “Good Government Leadership Council's” top funders:


Now let’s set the facts straight, … again

Claim: Angie was fired from her job – FALSE!

I have never been fired from a job. I worked as an Island County Plans Examiner-Inspector Trainee 2001-2004 and had received nothing but accolades from my boss until the work I was doing unknowingly revealed department officials circumventing standards that would protect Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve. They believed development would be hampered with standardized guidelines.

What ensued was months of hostile work conditions, trumped up wrongdoings to paper my personnel file in an effort to create evidence for termination. I negotiated a lay off and submitted a rebuttal to the unsubstantiated allegations including many letters of recommendation and support from fellow employees, citizens, professionals, and colleagues. The HR director at the time indicated that I could pick up my sealed confidential records in 5 years before they were destroyed per protocol. When that time came, I was running for county commissioner against Mac McDowell, who was involved in the false charges against me. I knew true transparency was not possible and requested a copy of my full file and to have it destroyed. I was told then that the county keeps personnel records forever. As predicted, they were cherry picked and falsely represented by both of my Republican opponents.

I welcome the opportunity to share my full personnel file for an honest viewing, and have worked hard to make government more transparent and accessible to people.

Claim: Angie was not efficient with our tax dollars – FALSE!

When I took office in 2009 Island County was headed for financial collapse by 2015. We had the largest motor pool per capita than any county in the state, our Sheriff’s department was underfunded, the jail plumbing and wiring was rotten, permit fees had not been tracking inflationary rates for over 12 years, technology was arcane, the Treasurer and the Auditor staff had to hand enter tens of thousands checks, veterans were underserved, and the commissioners were collecting a $700 in county travel stipend on top of their out of county travel pay. The conservative fiscal model of build or bust, had busted leaving a challenging mess to fix when the market had tanked and revenues were at an all time low.  During that time, those hit the hardest relied on vital government services.

With the help of my colleagues, I cut spending by $6.2 million out of a $25.5 million dollar General Fund and made changes that resulted in a AA bond rating during the Great Recession. I donated $37,700 of my income to support vital public services. When the state viewed our books and found a charge to the wrong fund we fixed it.


Assessments or taxes I supported to provide public health and safety, courts and jails, safe roads, marriage licenses and property recording etc. included:

  • A clean water utility – over 70% of Island County residents rely on wells for clean drinking water, we can’t afford to end up like Flint Michigan.
  • Conservation District funding to support local farms and forestry businesses.
  • Conservation Futures Funding to secure aquifer recharge land, public open space and beach access.
  • Approved Elected Official and Department Head steps to recoup cost of living and services fees.
  • General Fund assessments at a rate of 1% per year. Note during the previous recession the Republican led Board of County Commissioners raised General Fund assessments at a rate of 6% per year.
  • ICOM 911 .25 cents per call to pay for emergency response to cell phone users.

*Note: I always watched the bottom line but services cost money. My opponent voted to raise the gas tax 12 cents, making us the highest gas tax in the nation, while only 0.5% of the entire package came back to the 10th district.

Some noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Video recorded commissioner meetings for public viewing for the first time in Island County history
  • A councelor and standards to help indigent veterans which increased services from 5-100 deserving vets in the same year
  • County wide curb side recycling – but regrettably my successor undid that before it was implemented
  • Repairs to the jail
  • Restored funding to law and justice
  • A ban on inner tidal open fin fish net pen farming as supported by ALL commenters
  • Permit, and county wide updated software and a check processing machine 

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  • Jonathan Evelegh
    commented 2016-08-01 17:08:55 -0700
    Not that I think this totally exonerates her, but this is the message I received back from Barbara Bailey:

    Mr. Evelegh, You responded via my website email system with concern about a mail piece that reflects upon Angie Homola. I received the same piece, and I can assure you I was as surprised as anyone. I did not know anything like that was being considered, and I certainly did not authorize that piece or any other literature like it. I have repeated my earlier stance to my staff and other organizations that support me that I do not condone literature such as this, and that I will not be a part of negative campaigning. Thank you for your comments and your concern.

    Barbara Bailey

    So this is what I think: rather than this simply being a reply addressed to me, it should be more widely circulated and BB should be pressured to make a more public statement distancing herself from misnamed “Good Government Leadership Council,” which is obviously neither Good, nor Government, nor Leadership, nor Council according to BB herself who was apparently not consulted and who has now disowned the attack. Perhaps it’s too little, too late for right now, but it seems to me that come the real campaign it may be useful.
  • Jonathan Evelegh
    commented 2016-07-28 18:03:03 -0700
    This is the message I sent to BB’s website:

    Gotta say, you really should disown those ugly smears on Angie Homola originating with the so-called “Good Government Leadership Council.” Yes, we know they’re not your responsibility and that you had nothing to do with them. However, it would appear that you’re the obvious beneficiary and while you do nothing it encourages a low grade of politics that reflects very poorly and unfavorably upon you. So, do the right thing and say they’re wrong and should not have been sent out.

    And, yes, I did ask for a reply.

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