Help Me Call 3,000 Voters!

Ballots for this competitive primary go out in only 17 days! We need your help in getting the word out to voters that Angie is ready, qualified, and committed to representing the 10th LD in the House of Representatives, position (1) (D).

We have a big goal for this week: Call 3,000 voters--a huge number for a state rep campaign in a single week. If you believe in this campaign for proven, compassionate leadership in Olympia, help us tell voters why!

Here’s how: Five days this week, you can join us for virtual phone banks from the comfort of your own home. No experience needed! Each phone bank will begin with a brief training session via Zoom, and we will provide a calling list and short script. You are also welcome to stick around for just part of the virtual phone bank, or the whole time. Click the links below to sign up:

Monday Virtual Phone Bank, 4-8 pm

Tuesday Virtual Phone Bank, 4-8 pm

Wednesday Virtual Phone Bank, 4-8 pm

Friday Virtual Phone Bank, 4-8 pm

Sunday Virtual Phone Bank, noon-4 pm

Join myself, our new campaign interns, and our long standing volunteer and supporters in making calls each day! In just 3 hours, you can contact over 100 voters! Commit an evening to this campaign for a sustainable Washington, one with justice and fairness for all.

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