Individual Endorsers


Thank you for endorsing Angie!

Mari Deen Anderson: "Angie is highly qualified to represent the public and the environment. She has served the public with positive results for years. Her knowledge of important issues is outstanding."

Christina Baldwin:"I have watched Angie contribute to Island County and beyond for several decades and am delighted she continues to seek to serve her communities. Angie reaches across usual political boundaries and will represent many causes, understand complex issues, and communicate effectively in the Legislature and at home."

Linda & Gordon Bainbridge, Greenbank: "Angie is the most knowledgeable and experienced person for this position. She has a proven track record of getting things done, and she is a person of great integrity. We wholeheartedly endorse her."

Doris Brevoort, Mount Vernon: "I endorse Angie because she has the information, energy, clarity, and integrity to represent me! When we ran together for office in 2016, Angie generously introduced me to her supporters on Whidbey Island ~ I met many people whose friendship and ideals were an inspiration. Teamwork is essential in democracy today. Angie has exceptional skill to provide leadership and work as a team. And, thank you Angie for your dedication to environmental justice."

Larry Behrendt, Coupeville: "Angie is the strongest environmentalist in the field. She will work to protect our climate, our water and our shoreline."

Bill Skubi, Coupeville  


Bill & Cheryl Bradkin, Coupeville: "Angie has the experience and proven record we need for the wide range of vital issues that face us."

Charles & Mary Kay Branch, Camano Island: "I am excited to see Angie running for State Representative! I helped with doorbelling when she ran and won the important and demanding position of Island County Commissioner. She is really smart and hard working and we need her in the State House to represent the needs of our 10th Legislative District."

Rosie Denson, Coupeville: "I endorse Angie because she has always been responsive to her constituents and is knowledgeable about the needs of our community, including the environment, schools, growth of the area and homelessness. Her Masters in Environmental Law and Policy is an enormous asset to handle the environmental issues that we are facing today."

Dorothy Downes: "Strong women write strong policy. It’s with pleasure and confidence in her abilities and community values that I can endorse Angie to represent us in the 10th district."

Julie & Tom Garrod, Oak Harbor: "Knowing Angie for years I have seen her true commitment to her community! She strives to make our cities and counties a better place to live! She knows how to bring people together for the common good! I support this wonderful women who never stops working for us all."

Sue & Phil Gonzales, Oak Harbor: "Angie is the best person for this job. She works for all of us to preserve our environment, to better our government and to get answers to our questions whatever they may be."

Evan Hornig"I feel A. Homola will be most effective in helping to bring about very crucial priorities."

Jan & Jay Hersey, Anacortes: "Angie listens, thinks about the issues, and does her homework. Her bottom line is making life better for all people."

Dwight Hutchinson, Coupeville:"You have my vote."

Laurie Keith, Langley: "A voice of sanity that we so need!"

Peter Morton, Langley: "I am honored to endorse Angie Homola (Democrat) for the office of Washington State House of Representatives (1) LD 10. Angie’s values and advocacy on matters pertaining to climate change are particularly important in the forthcoming sessions of our State Legislature as we support agendas critical our environment, the well-being of our planet, and the very survival of life on Earth as we know it."

Leigh & Lavern Power, Coupeville: "Angie is so productive it’s like getting two for one."

Robert Raymond, La Conner: "Angie’s positions in local government, her background in the law and environmental concerns, her business experience, and her commitment to listening to all voices in our area have given her the foundation to be an effective voice in the State legislature. I’m happy to endorse Angie and really excited by the prospect of having her represent us in the 10th district."

Chris & Elaine Richards, Camano Island: "By far, Angie is the best qualified candidate for this seat."

Janet Shin: "Smart, competent, ethical and willing to do the hard work required for good and transparent government."


Leslie Johnson Stay"Great to see Angie running! Accomplished, honest, accessible."

Mary Stewart, Langley: "Angie is a hard-working, knowledgeable candidate who is passionate about serving our community. She has the experience and commitment that are critical in this difficult time."

Lori Taylor, Coupeville: "Endorsing Angie since 2008."

Allison Warner, Camano Island: "I can wholeheartedly endorse Angie as someone who can hit the ground running in Olympia when elected to State Representative. She has a breadth of experience at all governmental levels, is a strong progressive, and practical thinker who knows how to collaborate. I have been consistently awed by her quick and thorough grasp of issues while serving as commissioner, and I think she will be an unwavering advocate for the environment, for the future of our young people and planet. Her service will be good for Washington State."

Senator John McCoy, Majority Caucus Chair, RET 38th LD, Tulalip

Senator Christine Rolfes, Ways and Means Chair, 23rd LD

Senator Maralyn Chase, RET 32nd LD

Representative Larry Sequist, Ret 26th LD, Gig Harbor, Captain,  USN (Ret.) Former CO, Battleship USS IOWA

Jackie Henderson - Island County Human Services Director, Coupeville Town Council member, Coupeville

Peter Morton - Langley City Council Member, Langley

Diane Louise White - Stanwood City Council Member and former Mayor, Stanwood

John Leaver - La Conner Town Council member, La Conner

Mahmoud & Judith Abdel-monem, Oak Harbor

Harry Abbott, Oak Harbor

Bonnie Abney, Coupeville

Sharon Abreu, Eastsound

Ann Adams, Oak Harbor

Kathryn Alexandra, Anacortes

Karen & Dave Anderson, Freeland

Mark & Connie Anderson, Kennewick

Isabell Andrews-Durland, Camano Island

Marshia Armstrong, Arlington

Scott & Suzanne Ashworth, Oak Harbor

Brian & Emmy Atwood, Langley

John & Merritt Atwood, Freeland

Daniel & Linda Ballard, Anacortes

Kenneth & Helen Bates, Oak Harbor

Patrick Beach, Oak Harbor

Paulette Becker, Langley

Christopher Bell, Langley

Shirley Bennett, Coupeville

Susan Berg, Coupeville

Richard Bergner, Anacortes

Don & Angie Betner, Oak Harbor

De Leeta & William Bloch, Oak Harbor

Becky & Matt Bolte, Oak Harbor

Christine Boswell-Still, Oak Harbor

Jay & Barb Brand, Oak Harbor

Paul & Flo Brewer, Oak Harbor

Patricia & HI. Bronson, Stanwood

Shawn & Robert Brown, Camano Island

Beth Bryant, Stanwood

Erin Buch, Oak Harbor

Crista Burington, Oak Harbor

Betty Carteret, Anacortes

Scott & Preston Chase, Camano Island

Clare Christiansen, Oak Harbor

Ria & Jim Claassen, Freeland

Kris Collins, Langley

Toyan Copeland, Langley

Myrna Corcoran, Camano Island

Joan & Ray Cresap, Stanwood

Cindy & John Custer, Camano Island

Carrie & Jeff Davis, Oak Harbor

Christopher Davis, Corpus Christi (stationed)

Carole Dawes, Coupeville

Rosette & Richard Dawson, Anacortes

John & Julie Dean, Camano Island

Susan Debnekoff, Coupeville

Paul & Vivian Decker, Coupeville

Render Denson, Coupeville

Ellen & Ken Dickey, Langley

Sylvia Domoto, Camano Island

Sharon Dunn, Greenbank

Chuck Durland, Camano Island

Monica Ebanks, Oak Harbor

John & Paula Ebner, Camano Island

Denise Echelbarger, Camano Island

Diane Eiesland, Anacortes

Meg Eisenbraun, Oak Harbor

Dean Enell, Langley

Bruce & Mary Enter, Langley

Mary Ewing, Camano Island

Michael Ferri, Coupeville

John Ficalora, Langley

Pam Fick, Oak Harbor

Virginia Fitzpatrick, Stanwood

Virginia Foley, Anacortes

Larry Fox, Freeland

Doug & Ruth Fries, Camano Island

Warren Gilbert, Mount Vernon

Peter Giono, Stanwood

Julie Glover, Clinton

Adam Goldstein, Stanwood

Richard Goldstein, Coupeville

John Graham, Langley

Merran & Bob Gray, Freeland

Kim Hallahan, Oak Harbor

Stephanie Hammer, Coupeville

Penelope Harger, Greenbank

Anne Harvey, Coupeville

James & Cherie Haugen, Anacortes

Hart Heffelfinger, Bainbridge

Jill Hein, Coupeville

John Holland, Coupeville

Donna Hood, Clinton

Grace & Jack Hubbard, La Conner

Skip Ingraham, Camano Island

Karla Jacks, Camano Island

Eileen Jackson, Langley

Sego Jackson, Clinton

David & Patricia Jorgensen, Oak Harbor

Drew Kampion, Clinton

Kelly & Jane Keilwitz, Coupeville

Karen Kelly, Camano Island

Robert Kenny, Clinton

Helen Kinsella, Coupeville

Karen Knudsen, Lake Stevens

Jessica Koeberle, Coupeville

Mary & Bill Koepke, Coupeville

Susan Kohl, Coupeville

Cheryl Kraft, Coupeville

Carol Krez, Langley

Noah Landau, Coupeville

Nan & Sasha Leaman, Oak Harbor

Erik LaRue, Burlington

John Leaver, La Conner

Diana Lee, LaConner

Donna Lee VonFalkenverg-Ridley, Clinton

Rebecca & Dan Lewinski

Dolly & Don Lister, Coupeville

Julie & George Lloyd, Coupeville

Patricia Lokanis, Oak Harbor

Gretchen Luxenberg, Freeland

Rick Machin, Anacortes

Len Madsen, Camano Island

Dave & Diane Mattens, Freeland

Mary Matthew, Langley

Diane & John McClaine, Coupeville

Mindy McClaine, Coupeville

Joan McConnell, Camano Island

Jim & Lisa McDavid, Camano Island

Marjorie McNae, Oak Harbor

John & Linda McNamara, Oak Harbor

Beverly McQuary, Coupeville

Ann Medlock, Langley

Jane & Michael Monson, Coupeville

Michael Moore, Coupeville

Larry Morrell, Port Townsend

Arvia Morris, Seattle

Roberta Mueller, Camano Island

Charles & Alexandra Niedzialkowski, Oak Harbor

Tristy & Karl Nielsen, Oak Harbor

Kathleen O'Grady, Anacortes

Martha & Vern Olsen, Coupeville

Karen Pasewark, Oak Harbor

Dan Pedersen, Langley

Lionel Peoples, Oak Harbor

Lynn Petersen

Toni Piazzon, Coupeville

Jan Pickard, Coupeville

Bill & Lisa Pierce, Arlington

Delia Pierce, Oak Harbor

Lance Porter, Clinton

Judith & Gail Prichard, Oak Harbor

James & Lois Repoz, Oak Harbor

Carol Rice

Patricia Riddock, Camano Island

Gregory Ridley, Clinton

Melody Risner, Camano Island

Nancy Rodich Hodges, Oak Harbor

Susan Ronken, Stanwood

Joanne & John Roomes, Coupeville

Vivian Rogers Decker, Coupeville

Maddie Rose, Oak Harbor

Jerome Rosen, Coupeville

Avi Rostov, Oak Harbor

Nancy & Kenny Rouser, Oak Harbor

Corinne Salcedo, Anacortes

Mary K Sandford, Langley

Paul Savoie, Camano Island

Martin Schmidt, Coupeville

Kathleen Schofield, Coupeville

Helen & William Schwinden, Mount Vernon

Steven & Nancy Scoles, Langley

Michael Scott, Camano Island

Daniel Sellers, Freeland

Ron Sharp, Oak Harbor

Eric Shen, Anacortes

James Sherman, Coupeville

Laurie Sherman, Anacortes

Dianne Shiner, Freeland

Greg Shumate, Camano Island

Bridgit & Neal Sims, Coupeville

Bill Skubi, Coupeville

Julaine Smith

Leigh Smith, Freeland

Lori, Lee, Thomas, Emma Spear, Oak Harbor

Paula Spina, Coupeville

Kathleen Stariha, Camano Island

John Stephenson, Clinton

John Stone, Coupeville

Barbara Strother, Oak Harbor

Melissa Taylor, Seattle

William Taylor, LaConner

George Thawley, Coupeville

Clay & Susan Thompson, Camano Island

Paul Thompson, Langey

Sue & Jack Tingstad, Coupeville

Carol Triplett, Camano Island

Susan Van Etten, Langley

John Voet, Coupeville

John Waide, Coupeville

Mark Wahl, Langley

Carol Wall, Oak Harbor

Greg & Janet Walthew, Stanwood

Linda Wehrman

Charles West, Camano Island

Dianne Louise White, Stanwood

Dolores Whiteside, Carmel

Bob & Julie Wilson, Oak Harbor

Marcia Wise, Mount Vernon

Constance Wolfe, Coupeville

Rebecca Wolfe, Edmonds

Larry Seaquist, Gig Harbor

Albert Rose, Greenbank

Dave Shroeder, Camano

Val Bauchem, Camano

James Sundberg, Langley

Lee Rosendahl, Camano

Dorthy Downes



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