South Whidbey Record

July 20, 2016

Letter to Editor from John Ficalora

Reporting captured emotional moment


I heard it with my own ears so I read Evan Thompson’s 10th Legislative District state Senate forum article.

Evan’s accurate reporting captured the emotional moment of the night fairly. Washington Republicans disavow human-caused climate change, but my own state senator?

Yes, I was an attendee who reacted to Barbara Bailey’s answer when asked if climate change was caused by humans.

“Now how that’s been caused, I’m not sure we have all the science there that would give one particular item that is causing it.”

I have a BS in zoology and I know that humans have ravaged this planet for temporary resource gluttony.

My state senator is an individual who seems to stick with a party line and profit over life on Earth and people.

Our senator is giving me the “Vampire Blues.”




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