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Oct. 26, 2016 from John Smith


Homola best choice for 10th district

On behalf of the nearly 21,000 public employee retirees in our chapter area, I urge you to vote for Angie Homola for state senator in the 10th Legislative District.

Angie has a record of working collaboratively to hold government accountable to policies that protect families, children and the elderly. Her opponent, Barbara Bailey, has a distinct record of just the opposite: Her legislative agenda is that of the Koch Brothers and their well-funded cohorts.

Bailey would take away pensions of retired public employees; yours and your neighbor’s, who have taught your children in public schools, who protect you from crime and fire, who repair the roads you drive on and many others who serve you.

Angie Homola has a proven record of keeping government accountable to the people it represents, not corporations or special interests. She will listen to your concerns whether or not you are “on her team.”

She is the kind of person who will gather information, study the details and do the best for the people in the state of Washington and in the 10th District. Vote Angie Homola for senator.

John M. Smith

Clear Lake

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