Published Oct. 26, 2016 from John Stone


Democrats victims of GOP disinformation campaigns


 This weekend I went door-belling for state Senate candidate Angie Homola; all in all an enjoyable experience. Most of the residents were quite pleasant, even those who are for Angie’s opponent.

 There was one exception, and it was quite disturbing.

The woman, perhaps in her late 60s or 70s — my age range — was pleasant when she answered the door. She seemed unaware of who Angie was, and asked if she was a Democrat or Republican.

 I informed her that Angie was a Democrat. At this moment her eyes narrowed and she spit out, “Get off my property, you are trespassing! All Democrats are liars and crooks!”

I thanked her for her time and wished her a pleasant afternoon.

I was puzzled by this response from someone who seemed somewhat ignorant of the candidates running for office in this election. On reflection, it occurred to me that this poor woman was victim of the Republican disinformation campaign that has existed since the days of “Tricky Dick” Nixon, but intensified by the George H.W. Bush campaign of 1992.

 In this election, the campaign made a concerted effort to discredit the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary.

This was the “trick” used by the National Socialist German Workers Party of the 1930s. They found to continually repeat lies, no matter how outrageous, in time the lie will be believed.

This is a lesson the Republican Party has learned well, and it is in use at all levels.

Angie has also been attacked with lies and half-truths.

Alas, even some Democrats are victims of this insidious disinformation campaign, as witnessed by the fact that Hillary has the lowest approval rating of any presidential candidate save Trump, even among Democrats.

 Hillary was not my first choice; she and I don’t agree on every issue, but the fact remains she is by far the most experienced candidate in my lifetime. That she has dedicated her life to public service cannot be denied and should be commended. Angie, like Hillary, has a dedication to public service.

It is interesting to note that George H.W. Bush is voting for Hillary; he knows she is trustworthy in spite of the disinformation of his 1992 campaign and Republican hype since.

Please, thoroughly research each candidate and vote.

John Stone



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