Bailey poster child for broken government | Letter


Sept 7, 2016 by John Thompson


Professional politician state Sen. Barbara Bailey is running for office again. Throughout her career she was funded by, and thus indebted to, a variety of special interests.

How then does Barbara repay her debt to these special interests – by supporting privileged tax loopholes so they do not have to pay their fair share of the tax burden.

Bernie Sanders and other candidates have pointed out that our government is “broken,” that it has been corrupted by big money exercising undue influence on our legislators.

Barbara Bailey could be the poster woman for our broken government.

Despite serving in the state Legislature since 2003, Sen. Bailey disclaims any responsibility for its failure to deal with the issues facing it.

Barbara is well versed in pointing her finger in other directions when asked why we are not funding our schools, or why our state parks are in such a state of disrepair, or why we have such a regressive tax structure putting undue pressure on lower-income Washingtonians.

As a professional politician, Sen. Bailey is quite adept at shirking her responsibility to the taxpayers of this state.

Fortunately, we have a viable alternative this year. Angie Homola is a proven leader who has the vision and drive that Bailey lacks. Furthermore, she has the commitment to actually bring about change that will benefit the citizens of our state.

It is time for a change. Let’s give Angie a chance.

John Thompson


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