LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Not convinced by smear campaign

Jul 23, 2016 at 6:00PM

from: Julie Glover


I read with interest your recent article about the state senate race. It was a relief to read a fact-based, even-handed article, because I’m still reeling from what turned out to be an unsolicited “push-poll” by Senator Barbara Bailey’s campaign.

I got a phone call from a person identifying herself as a member of an objective political survey team.

Before agreeing to answer questions I asked if the surveyors were aligned with any particular candidate, and the answer was “no.”

As the “survey” progressed, however, it quickly became apparent that it was a smear campaign against Angie Homola.

Were I not a well-informed voter, I would have been convinced that Ms. Homola is a mendacious, unethical and rather despicable human being. However, since I know a great deal about Ms. Homola, as well as the other contestants in this race, I was able to steadily say, “that’s not true” when a variety of accusations were made about Ms. Homola’s past actions and current platform.

The surveyor denied that she was working for Sen. Bailey’s campaign, though the claims made about the senator were also not accurate, but in a way that was advantageous to the senator.

When I hung up, I felt disgusted at the devious nature of this under-handed campaign. If Sen. Bailey wants to win, she should do so fair and square, not by spreading lies and unfair inferences about her opponent.



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