LETTER TO THE EDITOR August 31, 2016

Does Sen. Barbara Bailey deserve re-election?



Republican Barbara Bailey has represented the 10th legislative district for 14 years and now, running on her record, she wants to be re-elected to the state Senate. But what has she done to deserve re-election?

Take, for example, one critically important issue — the environment. The state’s leading environmental advocacy organization, Washington Conservation Voters, scored Bailey’s voting record for the past legislative session at 10 percent, among the lowest environmental scores of all state senators. In fact, she scores lower than her colleague, Sen. Doug Ericksen, a well-known climate denier who co-chairs Donald Trump’s campaign in Washington.

As senator, Bailey voted to divert already limited funds meant for toxic clean-ups to highway spending; she voted to cut the state Department of Ecology’s authority to review water right transfers; and she’s voted several times to roll back the state’s clean energy law passed by voters in 2006. And Bailey still claims that the science on global climate change is uncertain.

Bailey’s challenger, Angie Homola, is by contrast an environmental advocate. While serving as Island County commissioner, Homola launched the clean water utility to better manage storm water and protect surface water, staunchly and successfully defended the Conservation Futures Fund, and, as part of the county’s updated shoreline master plan, voted with her fellow commissioners to include a ban on  salmon pens. When appointed by the governor to serve on the Washington State Building Code Council, Homola consistently supported cost effective code changes to improve building energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And, in addition to her degree in architecture, Homola recently earned a master’s degree in environmental law and policy.

I want change in Olympia. I want a state senator who, instead of just kicking the can down the road, is willing to work for clean air, clean water and practical solutions to climate change. That is why I am voting for Angie Homola. Through her record of accomplishments, her education and her personal values, Homola has proven herself to be the best candidate to serve the people in the 10th district.



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