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Vote Homola for state Senate


Letter from Larry Edwards, Sept. 24, 2016


Barbara Bailey is one of several state legislators who are member of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Members and invited guests of ALEC are wined and dined in fancy resorts during weekend retreats. They may play a round of golf with lobbyists or just sit around the pool, chatting with PAC personnel about their political ambitions.

But the main order of business takes place inside as presenters explain the legislative packages they want to see passed in upcoming legislative sessions. The bills have been carefully crafted by corporate lawyers and vetted by lobbyists, whose job it is to see that the attendees take these company want lists back home and introduce them as their own bills.

While some bills deal with present situations, others seek to preempt possible problems. For example, liberal cities have passed progressive measures only to discover that the more conservative state legislatures passed ALEC-written laws preventing cities from taking those actions.

Unfortunately, Barbara Bailey and Jan Angel, ALEC state chair and majority caucus vice-chair, give the Republicans their narrow majority in the Senate. This gives them far more influence than their legislative skills and knowledge of issues should warrant.

Thus their corporate sponsors will do whatever is necessary to keep them in office so they can continue to serve business interests.

That’s why the 10th legislative district needs a different senator, one who will serve her constituents, not outside business interests. Candidate Angie Homola offers voters a needed change in priorities and a proven record of accomplishments as Island County commissioner. This race offers voters real contrasts in civic leadership and public interest.

Larry W. Edwards




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