Published Oct. 29, 2016 from Leonard D. Madsen


Homola for state senator


After the recent candidate forum, I fully support Angie Homola for state senator.

The proliferation of false, negative mailings from Barbara Bailey has the signature of out-of-state, corporate backers. In contrast, as Island County commissioner during the Great Recession, Angie contributed her salary to fund critical county services. Angie supports preserving valuable natural resources and so supported efforts that helped save Barnum Point on Camano Island for future generations.

I have insights into this process as from the mid '70s to the mid '80s, I helped Island County develop and implement its comprehensive plan, with citizen participation in the process, including the sub-area plan for Ebey’s Reserve. In Angie’s case, instead of launching a transparent planning process, the county chose to unfairly target and harass her until she resigned under duress. She was only doing her job in a politically sensitive area.

Bailey has chosen to misrepresent the facts in this case and attack Angie’s record via negative mass mailings. In fact, Angie was a whistle blower who fought for honesty and accountability. Her record reveals she will continue efforts to bring honesty and accountability to the legislative process. Bailey’s attacks are desperate acts of a candidate and her allies to preserve their ability to serve corporations. We should ignore them and vote for Angie.

Leonard D. Madsen

Camano Island

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