Letter published Aug. 31, 2016

from Meg Eisenbraun

Homola ‘wicked smart’ choice for senator  


If you think all politicians are the same, think again. What about one who buckles down and makes painful cuts — 20 percent to the Island County general fund — as a county commissioner to balance the budget — and then gives back $40,000 of her own salary to help plug gaps in the funding of community services?

Who does that? Angie Homola, that’s who.

While I had admired Angie’s hard work and passion to serve the people of Island County as a commissioner from 2008 to 2012, it wasn’t until she joined the American Association of University Women that I saw her up close in action.

She identified a need to improve our scholarship selection process and applied great personal effort, determination and intelligence to come up with a tighter and more empirical system.

As we say back east, she is “wicked smart.” She is also practical.

Having started out as a machinist and carpenter, she sees a great need for vocational training to provide needed skilled workers in the trades.

Angie is now a licensed architect and has two brilliant kids in college, so she understands well the need for more affordable education. She recently earned her master’s degree in environmental law and policy.

Angie is no left-wing radical. She served by her Naval officer husband’s side during his 27 years of service as a P-3 pilot.

She also listens to concerns from citizens about aircraft noise and is working on ideas for possible mitigation.

Unlike her opponent in the race for state senate, Angie does not have pages of donors from big oil, pharmaceutical companies, tobacco companies and ALEC.

Through various loopholes, global corporations and state politicians vote behind closed doors for favorable legislation for these “other” interests.

Angie is depending on grass-roots support. Please be a part of that effort and donate your time or financial help to her campaign. Contact angieforpeople.com and elect a true public servant for the people of this district.

Meg Eisenbraun

Oak Harbor

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