Letter from Michael Ferri published 8/31/16


Senator can’t call mailer a ‘surprise’


This is an open letter to Sen. Barbara Bailey.

You recently wrote a letter to the editor trying to distance yourself from the distorted anti-Angie Homola hit piece that many of us found in our mailboxes just prior to the recent Aug. 2 primary.

You stated, “This piece was a complete surprise to me.”

No, Sen. Bailey, this was no surprise to you.

This same type of dishonest hit piece was sent out at the last election in 2012 against your Democratic opponent, Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen by the very same corporate Republican Super Pac — your friends at the Good Government Leadership Council down in Centralia. You know as well as I that these hit pieces are coming, usually showing up just before election day, and that you depend on them for some of your votes.

You know the system. The GGLC Pac does your dirty work while you can publicly disavow them, all the while presenting a “nice” image to the public. This is just another reason to get big corporate money out of politics by overturning Citizens United in the Supreme Court.

Barbara Bailey, for you to say that this hit piece “was a complete surprise” shows an alarming lack of respect for the intelligence of your constituents.   That’s why I support Angie Homola for our state senator for Legislative District 10.

Michael Ferri


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