From Mike Mcvay, Oct. 19, 2016


Whidbey letter writer is casting his vote for Angie Homola


Angie Homola gets my vote for senator in the state’s 10th Legislative District. She’s an honest person who will represent the citizens who live here and, unlike Barbara Bailey, she doesn’t take money from corporate sponsors or run smear campaigns against decent people. Her campaign is one of the people, by the people and for the people.

For many years, I was a strong supporter of former state Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen and if she were still available, she’d get my vote, but she was smeared by an unsavory corporate shill, Barbara Bailey, and lost the election.

There are lots of reasons to not want Bailey — she is a member of ALEC, a corporate/political organization, and has a lengthy list of out-of-state corporations who support her. Plus, her silence about the presidential race suggests she is a Trump supporter.

Homola had only one out-of-state contributor, Democracy for America. The rest of her money comes from the citizens who live here.

Angie Homola recognizes climate change and sea level rise as genuine threats to our coastal communities. She has stated that she will work to solve the state education funding problem instead of ignoring it, and will work to get us the ferry service we need.

I want a state senator who works for us, not for some out-of-state corporation.

That’s why I’m going to vote for Angie Homola.



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