Four Democrats, lone Republican vie for House seat

Article by Jessie Stensland  - July 28, 2020

Responding to the myriad effects and after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly occupy state lawmakers for years to come. The central issue, as in most things in government, will resolve around money.

In the Aug. 4 primary election, voters in District 10 will choose among five candidate who covet Rep. Norma Smith’s seat in the state House of Representatives...

An online forum run by the League of Women Voters of Whidbey Island illuminated, to some extent, the candidates’ views on how the state should respond to the pandemic...

Oak Harbor resident Angie Homola is a former Island County commissioner, a small business owner and an architect. She also ran unsuccessfully for a District 10 state representative position in 2016. Homola came into office as a county commissioner at the height of the Great Repression and has experience balancing a declining budget while trying to minimize the impact on services.

Scott McMullen, also a former District 10 legislative candidate, is a firefighter, a former Mount Vernon councilman, an Air Force veteran and a community volunteer.

Suzanne Woodard of Clinton is a first-time candidate, a labor advocate, a registered nurse with 30 years of experience and a volunteer for community service efforts to help young people.

Ivan Lewis is a Central Whidbey resident with diverse life experience as a small business owner, a manager with years of experience in early childhood education and a volunteer firefighter and EMT.

Greg Gilday, a Stanwood attorney and real estate broker, stands alone as the only Republican candidate. A first-time candidate, he’s a Rotarian and a former board member of the Safe Harbor Free Clinic and the Stanwood Camano Food Bank.

During the online forum, the candidates were questioned about funding for Employment Security and education in the face of the pandemic.

Homola said the state’s taxing structure is the least fair in the nation, with “multi-millionaires who are paying less taxes than the people who are making them rich and can’t afford to buy diapers.” She said she would support a capital gains and wealth taxes, but they may not be able to fill the gap in the state’s projected budget shortfall.

“I would like to advocate an economic impact study to evaluate our existing tax structure and alternatives,” she said, “one that engages the public and then helps decide what will work best for them.”

In response to a question about education, Homola said the pandemic has created an unprecedented need to overhaul the “delivery system of education” and the state will need to help pay for that. She said bringing students back to schools is important because those with struggling home environments don’t do as well with remote education.

She said impact fees that the military pays school districts may need to increase. She would like to see junior taxing districts being able to increase tax collections above the current 1 percent-a-year limit, which doesn’t keep up with inflation’s costs...

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Homola is best choice for 10th LD, House, Position 1


July 28, 2020

Primary ballots are due Aug. 4 and we will make important choices for many elected officials. Pay particular attention to District 10, State Representative, Position 1.

District 10 local Democrat organizations have endorsed four Democratic contenders. The primary will narrow this to one.

To this end, please consider Angie Homola for state representative for District 10. Angie is clearly the standout. She is well-equipped with an abundance of qualifications and experience to represent District 10.

Angie was Island County Commissioner for four years, has completed a master’s in environmental law and policy, is active in the Democratic Central Committee of the Democratic Party and has stayed engaged with the Environment and Climate Caucus during the last four legislative sessions. She is scholarship chair for the Whidbey AAUW Chapter; education is an essential part of her resume, especially for young women.

Angie and her husband, Jerry (a retired Navy pilot) have lived on Whidbey for 23 years raising two extraordinary children, both with major educational achievements. They, and the many young progressives who have volunteered for Angie’s campaign give me great hope for the future.

Angie’s priorities include affordable housing, public and mental health care, environmental protection and actions to reduce climate change. She values honest government, education and vocational training, transportation improvements, living wage jobs and clean energy. She has a robust website at I encourage you to look at it when making your decision.

Chris Richards

Camano Island

Homola is best choice for 10th LD, House, Position 1

July 27, 2020

We are health care providers and educators, relying on facts and forums to get to know the candidates for the 10th Legislative District, House, Position 1. After watching an Indivisible Whidbey interview of the four Democratic candidates competing, we observed a marked disparity. As voters we want elected officials who are sharp, knowledgeable about the job, and extremely energetic, Angie Homola prevails “hands down.”

As a county commissioner Angie worked effectively with local, state and national boards/committees with impressive achievements. Angie has a BS in architecture and masters in environmental law and policy. She worked for years at odd jobs to pay her student loans off. Overall, Angie is well rounded and has volunteered endlessly for her community, donating $30,000 of her salary to help the county provide needed services. She highly values life as a mother and a military wife. Angie has experience working through Navy and community conflicts, meeting with three base commanders and the chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon to collaboratively discuss problems and solutions.

We urge voters to look closely at all candidates. Two candidates are firefighters/EMT’s (one served honorably as an elected official) and one is a nurse. These jobs are invaluable, but it takes more than “saving lives” and delivering babies (actually doctors/midwives deliver babies, nurses assist) to understand and implement state level policies.

We need someone who can be effective in Olympia, has an architect's attention to detail for solving problems and implementing effective plans. Angie Homola demonstrates a unique ability to fulfill this need. 

Dr. Jeffery H. Davis & Carrie Davis

Oak Harbor

Homola for House District 10

Skagit Valley Herald & GoSkagit


July 25, 2020

Angie Homola is a candidate for Position 1 in our 10th Legislative District.

My career as a policy analyst with the Department of Health and Human Services demonstrated to me the importance of legislators who have a solid understanding of the major issues facing local communities and who have been active in the communities they represent.

Angie’s experience in local government, in her small-business architectural practice, her master's in environmental law and policy, and her commitment to listening to all voices are a terrific foundation for becoming an effective advocate in the state Legislature. In person, Angie is compassionate, honest, optimistic and a joy to work with.

I’m excited by the prospect of having Angie represent us in the 10th district. She would be an effective voice in Legislature and in our communities.

Robert Raymond

La Conner 

Can-do Homola would hit deck running as state representative


July 24, 2020

One inevitable outcome of the COVID-19 epidemic is that our state will experience an unprecedented crunch in its operations and budget in 2020-21 and beyond. The governor has already canceled several needed projects due to lack of funds.

No room for scared or insulated legislators — it’s “all-hands-on-deck” time.

That’s why I’m endorsing Angie Homola as our 10th District Democratic state representative. She is a fearless, energetic can-do person as evidenced in her work with an ailing Island County in 2015 headed for budgetary insolvency.

She helped craft a 20% reduction in budget while developing green business opportunities. She went on to creatively balance interests of forest and agriculture, revive a sagging veteran support structure, and generate sustainable policies for shoreline protection. Additionally she did major updating of county tech methods in its operations.

This is only a sampling of her many accomplishments.

We don’t have time for dithering as 2021 dawns after a brutal economic/political/social/health storm-surge in most of 2020. Help can-do Angie hit the deck running by voting her in as Democratic state rep in the August primary and November election.

Mark Wahl


Homola will represent us well in the 10th District


July 21, 2020 

I have known and worked with Angie for a number of years since moving to Coupeville. She worked tirelessly during the last financial downturn as a county commissioner, getting the county back on track to a better future, including donating $30,000 of her salary.

She is always prepared and does her homework on complicated issues such as climate change, fish pen management, and veterans services. Most important, Angie will have the passion and conviction to move good legislation forward.

Angie and her family have been part of this community for over 20 years, with Jerry at Naval Air Station Whidbey and their children attending Oak Harbor schools. I know she will represent all of our needs in Island and Skagit counties and work on behalf of the people in our district.

Angie has the experience to hit the ground running. She is approachable and will pick up the phone if you call her! She will draw on her experience as an Island County Commissioner as well as her work in lobbying in Olympia for great causes this Island needs to address.

Angie Homola has earned our respect and trust, and I know she will represent us well in the 10th Legislative District as our State Representative. I encourage you to spend a few minutes visiting her website.

Join me in voting for Angie Homola for state representative.

Gary McIntire


Proud to Support Homola for House of Representatives

July 3, 2020

In today’s world of so many unknowns it’s good to have a candidate running for office with a proven record. That’s why I believe Angie Homola is our candidate for Washington State House of Representatives Position 1 of the 10th Legislative District. 

Angie’s positive record stresses her dedication to the preservation of our area’s natural resources for now and for future generations. No one running can match her work in that field. 

To that end she served as the resolution chair for the Environment and Climate Caucus during the past four legislative sessions. The caucus’ mission is to promote legislation that advances environmental and climate change protections and to endorse elected officials that will do so. Angie also founded an environmental nonprofit to protect a publicly-owned coastal lagoon on Whidbey Island.

As a member of the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party from 2016-18, Angie worked tirelessly to promote affordable housing and sustainable farming, as well as to improve work place rights and social justice.

But the projects mentioned here are just a few of Angie’s many accomplishments. As a U.S. Navy wife and mother, she has filled her 23 years on Whidbey with community service and numerous offices — all aimed at improving job opportunities and quality of life in our district. For a more thorough listing of Angie’s work, check out her website.

It is a privilege and honor to call Angie my friend and to support her candidacy for House of Representatives Position 1 of the 10th Legislative District.

Helen Bates

Oak Harbor

Homola Knows Needs of the 10th Legislative District

Whidbey Weekly & Everett Herald



June 24, 2020

Even those of us who have had many years of living feel 2020 as a remarkable time of isolation, confusion and physical and emotional pain. Now, giving us hope, are outstanding leaders stepping forward, willing to serve with energy and courage. Angie Homola, candidate for Washington State House of Representatives, 10th District, is such a leader.

I will vote for Angie because she knows the needs of our community. She has lived here for over 20 years, schooling her kids here and working for community betterment. Unlike other candidates, her donations are predominately from people who live and vote here in the 10th District.

I will vote for Angie because she is qualified in training and experience. Angie holds a bachelor of science in architecture from WSU and a masters in environmental law and policy. She has served as chairwoman of the Island County Board of Commissioners. During the 2008 recession, Angie donated $30,000 in salary and benefits back to aid the county budget.

I will vote for Angie because her priorities will raise up our district and our state. She values honest government over politics and special interests. Angie will work for affordable housing and housing for the homeless, environmental protections, climate concerns, health care, social justice and academic and vocational education. Angie has demonstrated the skills and passion to get these things done.

Your vote will be critical in the months ahead in both local and national elections.

Gloria Koll


Homola for 10th District


June 20, 2020

We have a fantastic candidate running to serve the 10th Legislative District in the state House seat vacated this year. I know Angie Homola can hit the ground running when she gets to Olympia.

Angie has a proven track record serving constituents. As Island County commissioner from 2009-13, she improved transparency — making the commissioner meetings available to view remotely on Camano.

I witnessed Angie in action, and she’s impressive. She’s the most informed and prepared person in the room; she negotiates and collaborates to bring real solutions. She demonstrates real knowledge of solutions for the environmental issues facing our district, like climate change, sea level rise, air and water quality.

As county commissioner, she represented Island County on various state committees, such as the Regional Transportation Policy Board. As a former active union member and military wife, she’s running to really represent people’s interests, like when she ensured more indigent veterans were served by county programs and advocated successfully for county employees to keep their pay rates despite budget cuts during the recession.

Please join me in voting for Angie Homola for state representative.

Allison Warner

Camano Island

Homola Offers Over Two Decades of Service to Local Communities


June 13, 2020

When Angie Homola was Island County commissioner from 2009 to 2013, she and her fellow commissioners upgraded ancient county office equipment to make it easier to get permits and licenses and to access county services.

They allocated 56 percent of the General Fund to improving public safety, with better ICOM 911 response time, long range deputy training, and replacement of outdated equipment.

They increased the Indigent Veterans program to benefit an additional 95 vets, and developed a Clean Water Utility.

Angie formed a non-profit group that successfully upheld the state law that protects valuable agricultural land from being developed with 1,052 houses, and secured a Conservation Easement to enable the owner to keep the land in perpetuity.

Angie is an architect, with a master’s degree in environmental law and policy. She was trained to design houses and public spaces in harmony with the land we share with the plants and animals that shelter and sustain us, and those that give us joy.

During the last four legislative sessions, she drafted bills, testified before committees, and lobbied legislators to protect Washington’s wild salmon fishing, reduce climate change, promote affordable housing, and help indigent veterans.

In 2018 she championed Senate Bill 6086, which banned fin fish net pens that harm wild salmon. The bill passed.

If Angie goes to Olympia as our District 10 representative, she will go there with over two decades of service to our local communities.

Ann Adams

Oak Harbor

Let's Give Angie Homola a Seat in our State Legislature 


May 1, 2020

As everyone knows, these are indeed unique and demanding trying times. But there is some good news, former county commissioner Angie Homola is seeking to be our state representative in Olympia.

I’ve known Angie for a long time and can assure you she’s just what we need for now and tomorrow. She’s a candidate for peoples’ interests and a hard worker with more energy than the Energizer bunny, along with an attention to detail and a bandwidth that’s truly astounding.

I marvelled at her accomplishments while I served on the Island County Planning Commission. She mastered that voluminous and complex county budget, and helped steer us through that 2009 recession, quieted the guns in the Deer Lagoon area and even adopted novel and concrete resolutions to address climate change.

In these divided times with unbalanced special interest influence, we need her inspiration, tenacity and skills to get things done in Olympia for the people of our legislative district.

Best of all, she’s a people orientated and tenacious fighter for our cherished environment and a licensed architect who recently completed a master’s degree in environmental policy.

Her quest within the political arena is motivated by a desire to represent people, not special interests and I can assure you, she’s the real deal.

Let’s give her a seat in our state legislature.

Dean Enell


Homola a straightforward, hard working, talented public servant


January 6, 2009


In easy times, we can ignore politics and political antics. These aren’t easy times, though. Thankfully, many local people have offered themselves as candidates in our county and state.

How do we the voters pick the best ones to represent us?

I think we recognize that governing isn’t grandstanding or promising what you can’t deliver. Winning means you show up ready to govern. Governing is hard, detailed work. It takes skill. As a nation of laws, those who govern need to know the law, decipher the intent of the law to write rules and propose new legislation.

This is why Angie Homola is an excellent candidate. She studies issues and can probably quote chapter and verse of existing laws and regulations better than most politicians I’ve met. She works very hard. She is astute and can pick what’s essential out of a sea of words. Angie cares about what hardworking people deal with daily —affordable housing, health, education, vocational training, living wage, good public transportation. She is able on day one to represent our concerns and make sure the State government makes progress on everything important to us.

Angie’s competence in the skills of governing gives me confidence in her as my representative. I’m exhausted by the three ring circus of special interests in our nation.

I am glad to live in Washington state, and to have a chance to be represented by a straightforward, hard working, talented public servant like Angie Homola

Vicki Robin


Homola, Price Johnson Sworn Into Office


January 6, 2009

Friday, Jan. 2, marked the dawn of a new day in Island County government.

In a room full of supporters and county employees, Judge Alan Hancock swore County Commissioners Angie Homola and Helen Price Johnson into office. There wasn’t an empty seat. People lined the walls and spilled into the hallway before the ceremony, waiting, in anticipation for the historic officiation. “This is the start of what some consider a new era in Island County government,” Commissioner John Dean said.

To put the day’s significance into perspective, he said, Price Johnson is the first woman to serve on the Island County Board of Commissioners; the addition of Homola marks the first time in the county’s history that two women fill commissioner seats; and the ceremony marks the first-ever, all-Democrat Island County Board of Commissioners.

Price Johnson started her job after the election was certified in November, because she defeated an appointed commissioner. Republican Mac McDowell, a veteran 16-year commissioner, lost by a 60-vote margin to Homola, and Commissioner Phil Bakke, also a Republican, lost the November race to Price Johnson. “Last year I was the minority. This year I’m a minority,” Dean quipped. Last year he was the only Democrat, this year he’s the only male.

Homola’s 15-year-old daughter, Kira, sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” Her performance was followed by a raucous round of applause, which repeated time and again as each woman addressed the crowd, promising a new future for Island County. Price Johnson expressed her excitement “to look ahead as we create a new future for Island County,” and Homola called for a “new, open government. Your ideas are encouraged and welcomed,” she said. “I look to the future with a wide angle lens,” reiterating her open door policy and encouraging public input.

Following the ceremony, the new commissioners talked with attendees, most of whom congratulated the women for their political victories. Others wasted no time in voicing specific concerns and changes they’d like to see in the county.

Nancy Zaretzke of Greenbank, who describes herself as fairly new to the county, thought the change was “about time.” “This is just amazing to me,” she said of the political atmosphere surrounding the most recent county election results. But, Zaretzke thinks the change will come gradually.

“In this economy, their hands are going to be pretty tied,” she said, referring to the county’s tight budget. As Homola told the crowd, she’s ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work. She sees the economic situation as a challenge that will require some creativity. But the down economy doesn’t particularly bother her. “It’s tough to be broke,” she said. “But we’ll just look in places that may not have been considered before.”


Homola is ‘proven energy’ that’s needed in a state representative


July 28, 2020

There’s some great candidates for that state rep position, but one stands out.
Angie Homola walks the talk, does her homework and has shown time and again the bandwidth, passion and people centered tenacity to get things done.Things like improving veterans and senior services, passing a resolution to measure and reduce CO2 emissions at the county and, starting a nonprofit to preserve natural areas in the district.As a county commissioner, she championed open and transparent government by putting things like meetings and agendas online and published.
Being locally connected and active within our district for years, she knows our priorities and needs.Angie prioritizes public and mental health care, helped bring a mental health care clinic to Whidbey and Camano islands.Speaking of donations, she actually donated, back to the county, over $30k of her salary and benefits during the 2008 recession.
Angie has actively lobbied in Olympia for those issues we care about including banning fin fish net pens,improving veterans services, the mental health sales tax to restore levy capacity to local governments, affordable housing and the Growth Management Act.Best of all, Angie’s approachable, articulate and listens – her phone number, not surprisingly appears right on her home page.
She is truly a candidate of the people, not special interests, as evidenced by a review of the public disclosure commission where virtually all of her support is from people within this district.Not the case with all candidates.
Let’s get some proven energy working on our side in that state representative position.
Dean Enell


Support Angie Homola

La Conner Weekly News
Friday, July 31, 2020 12:33 PM

Angie Homola is a candidate for position 1 in our legislative district (the 10th). My career working as a policy analyst for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services demonstrated how important it is that we have legislators who understand a broad range of issues and who have been active in the communities they represent. That’s a major reason I am enthusiastically supporting Angie’s candidacy. Her experience in local government, in her small business architectural practice, her Masters in Environmental Law and Policy and her commitment to listening to all voices in our area are a super foundation for being an effective advocate in the state legislature.In person, Angie is compassionate, honest, optimistic and a joy to work with. In the

Indivisibles' online candidate forum she showed herself as articulate, thoughtful, hardworking and committed to the sound policies we need in our state and district.

Angie is endorsed by the Washington Education Association, Sierra Club, Washington Conservation Voters, Indivisible of Skagit, Snohomish and Whidbey Island, Win With Women and many other organizations, unions, and political associations. You can check these out at and learn more about Angie, her family and her hopes for the 10th.

I’m excited by the prospect of having Angie represent us in the 10th district. She would be an effective voice in both the state legislature and for Skagit, Island, and Snohomish communities.

Robert Raymond

La Conner


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