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Vote411 LWV Guide

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Here are some excerpts from Angie's statement:

Do you think that the legislature should make changes to the current tax system's heavy reliance on sales and property taxes to make the system more equitable for all? Please explain.

YES Washington’s unstable regressive property and sales taxes model collapses in hard times, and tries to catch up when spending is good (a spend not save model). When corporate giants earn millions annually and pay fewer taxes than the workers who make them rich or the small local businesses struggling to compete in a biased market, the tax structure is not fair. Gutting public programs and services puts people on the street (not spending), further impairing economic recovery.

I support closing tax loopholes, and adopting capital gains and corporate taxes; however these fixes face legal challenge. Even if these measures pass, a 5 million dollar shortfall is predicted over each of the next bienniums making mandates difficult to meet and economic stimulus projects very challenging. I will urge an economic study of the existing tax structure and alternatives that engage the public to obtain their input. Then voters can make informed tax structure decisions based on facts and figures.

What government actions can serve the dual purpose of helping the economy recover AND reducing global warming?

We owe it to future generations to leave a planet as resplendent and life giving as we have enjoyed. If there is one positive outcome of COVID-19 it is that people have shown a remarkable ability to respond to a public crisis by helping those in need and making change quickly and effectively. Like a pandemic, climate change is a crisis that knows no boundaries and hurts marginalized communities the most. Unlike a pandemic, it will destroy innumerable life forms, ecosystems, property, and food security.

To help reduce global warming I obtained a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy. Serving as a county commissioner during the Great Recession, I reduced expenses and balanced the budget while maintaining vital public safety and environmental health services. I will bring my diverse experiences to the legislature to support a just transition to a non-fossil-fuel economy, renewable energy development, long-range planning, critical area protections, and sustainable farms and aquaculture

What criteria will you use to establish priorities for transportation projects in a time of dwindling revenues?

Transportation infrastructure provides utility and communication system corridors, mobility, and economic vitality. Infrastructure projects provide job opportunities from engineering to construction and maintenance. I will prioritize projects that increase affordable public transit, union apprenticeships, and a robust percentage of contracts to minority owned companies. I would like to see a Washington State Civil Service Corp similar to the Federal CCC that provided infrastructure jobs during the Great Depression.

The social cost of carbon, storm water filtration, and electric charging stations should be required when considering state funded projects and match grants. I will fight to retain equal funding for ferries, vital to the 10th LD. To cover costs, I will support low carbon fuel standards, enhancing the electric vehicle program; and a publicly endorsed road use, tab fee, carbon tax, or carbon dividend measure to help with a just transition to clean cars and living wage jobs.

What measures do you support that address the issues of injustice and inequality that often result in civil unrest?

We have failed to address centuries of oppression to Native Americans and people of color, robbing them of equal opportunities to rise in society. The crises we face as a society today affect us all: we must move forward as one people on one shared planet.

I support fully funding non-discriminatory public education from pre-K thru community college, including vocational schooling. Hold cities and counties accountable for adopting and implementing zoning ordinances that incentivize mixed use, multifamily homes with walkability to local amenities and public transit.

The restoration of publicly funded quality mental and behavioral heath care is crucial, then we can shift these responsibilities away from first responders while giving them the training they need to assess, deescalate and direct services. Police and their unions are not above the law. I support the popular police accountability Initiative 940 and the implementation of amendments to address witnessed use of deadly force.

Please visit for the full content and easy access to information on the rest of your ballot.

Marianne's Politiblog

July 14, 2020

I could go on at great length, since Angie and I have been friends for a long time. She is notoriously detail oriented. I told her some time ago that while others talk about god, mom, and apple pie, Angie presents a dissertation on comparative religions, a plan for a support program for new mothers, and a recipe for organic, gluten free apple pie. That kind of attention to detail makes her very good at just about everything she does, and sometimes a bit difficult. It was that attention to detail that put her in the position of becoming a whistle-blower. The people at the other end of that whistle blowing have never forgiven her for pointing out their misconduct. 

Angie served one term as an Island County Commissioner. She had great plans, only to find, when she took office, that the cupboard was bare and the first order of the day was to cut jobs and programs. It was wrenching, but her attention to detail served us all well in figuring out how to pinch every penny at least two or three times before letting it go. She also donated back 20% of her salary to help balance the budget. 
One of the constant refrains of Republicans is that they are fiscal conservatives and therefore they want to cut budgets and services. A true fiscal conservative looks at the long range economic impacts of any particular action to determine the costs and benefits. There are times when spending now will prevent huge future costs. That old “ounce of prevention.” It was with that in mind that Angie worked on the county’s budgets during her time in office. 
She has served as a state legislative liaison, studying bills to determine the effects of their passage, potential unintended consequences, fiscal impacts, and whether they serve the intended purpose. I have learned about more issues than I can remember from discussions with Angie on legislative bills.  All of which means that she knows her way around Olympia, knows who is on first and what needs to happen to reach second, third, and home base with any particular issue. She is effective. 
I’ve been putting off writing this part of the blog because it presents a difficult situation. As mentioned with the other Dem candidates for this position, we have an embarrassment of riches. I think any of the 4 Dems will do a far better job than what we have seen to date. We could do a lot worse than any of them. But I have seen and worked with Angie for a long time and know that she will do a superior job because she’s such a perfectionist. I will be voting for Angie Homola.
Please visit Marianne's blog for the full content and an evaluation of Angie's opponents.

GoSkagit 10th LD Candidate Interviews

Thank you for this opportunity to share Angie's platform alongside her opponents'!

We hope you enjoy this selection of Angie's statement:

What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position?

Balancing our state’s budget that has been ravaged by the economic impacts of COVID19 while providing pandemic protections and vital public services. No issue stands alone. If I have learned anything from local government service it is that all issues and public services are connected and they must be addressed comprehensively. The COVID-19 pandemic has pulled back the veil exposing the shortcomings and vulnerabilities in our local, state, and federal government services. It has also shown the remarkable ability for people to help those in need and to make change quickly and effectively. I will attend to all issues affecting the amazing people and the beautiful places they love in our district.

How will you address it?

Pandemic: As a legislator I will support a dedicated Emergency Preparedness Task Force consisting of federal, state, and local government agencies and stakeholders, to identify actions needed to prepare a Standardized Pandemic, Food, Housing and Natural Disaster Plan. I will support a Pandemic and Environmental Health Response Fund to include free testing, contact tracing, monitoring, and treatment, as well as personal protective equipment produced and warehoused in Washington State and a reliable system for delivery. Additionally I will seek support to provide state funded/matched emergency food, housing (eviction relief), childcare and diapers, medicines, public health care and mental health care, access to public education and transportation, and environmental/climate change protections.

To Meet Mandated and Vital Public Services I will work to:

• Establish a sustainable revenue structure; one that is not the most regressive in the nation, and where the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share

• Maintain and improve safety nets for the most vulnerable

• Advance public project affordable housing and alternative housing opportunities

• Adopt a Washington State healthcare plan to provide public health care, and mental and behavior health care (end the opioid crisis).

• Forward a just transition to clean energy and make aggressive and critical steps toward climate change reduction.

• Kick-start smart land-use and transportation planning and projects that incentivize public transit, walkable communities, broadband access, living wage jobs, historic preservation, infill, agriculture/aquaculture, reuse and remodeling of existing buildings for housing, and health care facilities etc.

My top legislative priorities:

• Affordable housing and housing the homeless

• Environmental protections and action on climate change

• Public and mental health care - ending the opioid crisis

• Fiscal responsibility and fair taxation

Why should voters choose you?

Washington’s people and businesses are reeling from this public health disaster that has crippled our economy and severely impacted high risk and marginalized residents. To help our state and its people heal and move forward with long-term economic and operational public services, we will benefit from elected officials with experience and proven success carrying government through tough times and who have the skills, attention to detail, and implementation history to make positive structural change happen. I offer those attributes. I have a proven track record of fighting for what’s right rather than settling for what’s easy. That’s how, as an Island County Commissioner during the Great Recession, I championed numerous successful public service milestones including:

• Transparency - Brought video recorded commissioner meetings to the public for the first time in county history

• Veterans - The former Indigent Veterans Advisory Board told a veteran with six children and a husband sick with cancer to “go get a job” when she asked for assistance to cover a $120 utility bill to avoid eviction. I removed the Board and replaced it with a veteran employed in the position full time. The new program went from serving 5 to 100 vets annually.

• Fiscal Responsibility - Worked collaboratively to reduce expenses while protecting employee wages and benefits; maintained senior citizen, public safety, and mental health care services; enhanced local job opportunities; and protected the environment, all within budget.

• Fisheries/Environment - When Washington’s wild fisheries were threatened by a Canadian corporate giant, I championed the banning of open-water fin fish net pens in Island County, and lobbied for the successful banning of non-native netpenned species in Washington State.

• Jobs - I supported zoning that encouraged smart growth, home occupations, sustainable and compatible light industry jobs, tourism, broadband and transportation improvements, and locally owned farms.

• Collaboration - When there were insufficient funds to meet mandated services, I brought department heads and elected officials together as a team to study the alternatives and to find fiscally smart solutions.

• Compassion - When there were insufficient funds to meet non-mandated services I donated $30,000 of my salary, some of which helped senior centers, drug court relief for juvenile offenders, animal shelters, and 4H. These cost-saving efficiencies and responsible governance earned Island County an AA bond rating in the midst of the recession. I helped keep Island County solvent and productive during very difficult times, and in the wake of COVID-19 I will do the same at the state level.

What sets you apart from your opponents?

As an architect I have expertise in contract administration, being the liaison between owner, architect, and builder to see projects built according to plan, on time, and in budget. As a former carpenter, laborer, and machinist, I have a deep appreciation for vocational training and smart land-use planning. I’ve designed homes, helped build affordable housing, written zoning ordinances, and served on the Washington the State Building Code Council. To help preserve natural resources I founded an environmental non-profit that protects a publicly owned coastal lagoon, and to find a just path forward for renewable energy I earned a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy. All of the candidates have something valuable to offer. What sets me apart is that I have an extensive array of applicable experiences and accomplishments including: 10th LD community engagement; former County Commissioner; Navy wife, mother, small  business owner; former carpenter, laborer, and machinist; an advanced education; a compassionate and collaborative approach; and tangible fiscal policy and public service results. To make effective change we must come together to recognize and celebrate that we have more in common than not, that we share the same dreams for equality, good health, environmental and climate change protections, opportunity, quality of life and responsibility to future generations. A successful path forward is one where we work together placing democracy and the common good before oppression and corporate greed. The current fiscal and public service challenges facing Washington fall somewhere between those of the Great Depression and the Great Recession. My successful elected office experience steering Island County through tough times coupled with my diverse job and local civic engagement experiences have prepared me to sponsor legislation that protects working families, quality of life; and standing up to unethical efforts to undermine democracy. Now more than ever we need fact focused and forward thinking elected officials who prioritize the interests of the many over the pockets of the few. I will bring experience, accountability, and compassion to this office.

Visit the full questionnaire on GoSkagit's website.

Washington State Progressive Caucus

Thank you for endorsing Angie!

We've included below an excerpt from Angie's statement. 

Labor: Do you support raising state and federal minimum wages?

Yes, I supported I-1433 (2016) which allowed the min raise to increase in increments, which is now $13.15 per hour. As of 2021 the min wage will increase in concert with the CPI, which averages 3% per year. I think we should have allowed the min wage to bump up at a range of 5% until 2025 and then to follow the CPI. This would have allowed at least some progress to get to where we would have been had we taken these inflationary steps all along.

Education: What is your opinion of high stakes testing? How would you change the way students and teachers are evaluated?

Numerous studies have determined that high stakes testing is not effective or accurate. Incorporate broad based multiple-measure assessments that are incorporated into the daily or weekly lessons so that students are not placed in a one-time pressure test.Use engagement techniques as well as standard metrics to evaluate both teacher and student learning and comprehension.

Environment: How would you promote development of alternative energy and prevent privatization of natural resources?
We must transition intelligently and equitable to renewable energy. This means passing regulations and funding to revamp our entire power transmission and storage systems that will enable local energy production to augment the grid while simultaneously enabling peak power demands to be met. To do this, we must resolve fair taxation to pay for this transition and to provide training for workers so that they will not have employment gaps or wage drops.To halt the privatization we would be better off with Public Utility Districts that have local control vs. private large for profit power companies.Keep our public lands public!I have served on the WSD Environment and Climate Caucus for 3 years as the Chair of the Resolutions Committee and helped get numerous environmental protection and climate change prevention resolutions passed by the WSDCC and to state legislators. During the recent session we helped pass a bill that will adopt the Zero Emissions Vehicle program thus enabling Washingtonians access to cleaner cars and making those cars more affordable.
Public Safety: How would you act to stop the militarization of local police forces and establish civilian oversight of law enforcement?
Make a clear distinction between policing and SWAT and military type functions. There is a place for military action, and a place for civilian policing. I would not support the build up of military assault weapons, tanks, and armor for regular deputies and police protections. I have witnessed this first hand. Local police should have the support of armed services for terrorist or high-risk perpetrators on an as needed basis. Provide adequate de-escalation and communication training,and provide non-lethal stun type weapons as an alternative to guns. Sheriffs in WA State are elected officials and have control over their budgets; action needs to happen at the legislative policy and law level to establishing overarching regulations to define the scope of weapons and equipment.

Please visit the WA Progressives website for the full questionnaire.

10th LD Democratic Party

Thank you for endorsing Angie!

Here is a selection of their statement.

Angie and her family moved to Oak Harbor in 1997 where her children attended public schools and her husband served as a naval aviator at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Angie’s decades long volunteer services include: teaching enrichment courses to school children, donating fresh vegetables from her garden to food banks, building sets for local theaters, and Chairing a scholarship committee that helps young women achieve a higher education. During the past four legislative sessions Angie helped move bills that protect wild salmon fisheries, reduce climate change, promote affordable housing, and improve social justice.

As an architect and former carpenter, laborer, and machinist, Angie doesn’t just understand the policies needed to ensure smart land-use planning; she’s helped build affordable housing, and she founded an environmental nonprofit.  

“I have a proven track record of getting things done for the common good by fighting for what is right vs. settling for what is easy. That’s how I collaboratively brought transparency to Island County government, reduced expenses to balance the budget during the Great Recession, significantly improved services to indigent veterans, maintained senior and mental healthcare services, protected the environment, and enhanced local job opportunities. To help Island County pay for necessary but non-mandated services I donated $30,000 of my salary.

I am confident that my experience and qualifications make me the right candidate to represent working families, protect our quality of life, and stand up to unethical efforts to undermine democracy.  I will bring energy, compassion, and effectiveness to this office; and would be honored to serve you in Olympia.”

Please visit the party's website to see Angie's statement alongside the other candidates'.

Sierra Club Washington

Thank you for endorsing Angie!

Angie Homola is a licensed architect with a deep commitment to sustainable land use and transportation planning. Her interest in these topics led her to recently complete a master’s degree in environmental law and policy. As a mother, she has strong commitment to building sustainable communities for our children and grandchildren. 

Visit Angie's endorsement on the Sierra Club page.

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