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May 7, 2016

 Letter: Homola for 10th District from Senator Kevin Ranker 


Angie Homola is exactly the sort of person we need in the state Senate representing the 10th Legislative District.

When elected as Island County commissioner, Angie became one of the first two women to serve as commissioner in county history. She greatly improved efficiency in local government by downsizing general fund expenses in the face of a budget crisis.

In spite of substantial cuts, Angie significantly improved government transparency, protected seniors and vulnerable population programs, and fought for public health and safety, farm and natural resource protections and local businesses.

As an Army dad, I have been particularly impressed with Angie’s total commitment to veterans as well as active duty men and women in our communities. As county commissioner, Angie significantly improved aid to veterans. She developed fair policies and procedures regarding indigent veterans assistance.

As a result, the number of veterans served increased from five to 100 in the first year. Angie visited veteran service centers to learn about the struggles returning vets face and what steps need to be taken to help them cope with PTSD and to find jobs at home. In 2010, Angie met with then Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughhead in the Pentagon to advocate for equitable TRICARE services, preschool impact aides, and rehabilitation programs for war-ravaged veterans.

Having worked with Angie during her time as an Island County commissioner and knowing her since, it is clear to me that she is exactly the sort of thoughtful, moderate leader who will champion the values of the 10th Legislative District in Olympia

From improving transportation to supporting public education and protecting local jobs, Angie has the experience and skills to be an excellent senator. I am enthusiastically endorsing Angie Homola and look forward to working alongside her in the Senate.

Sen. Kevin Ranker

Orcas Island

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