Angie Homola really listens


published 2/9/16 from Sharon Emerson


A few years ago there was a political proposal that was very alarming to us at Island Home Nursing, so my business partner and I decided to do everything we possibly could to influence the outcome.

To that end, we met with all our elected representatives to talk to them about the issue and explain how damaging to businesses like ours it would be. Whether we met with Republicans or Democrats, those meetings were good experiences. The representatives listened carefully, asked great questions, gave us tips on how to proceed and tried to help us accomplish our goal.

The only exception was our meeting with Barbara Bailey, which was a complete waste of time. We had barely started talking when she interrupted us, saying something like, “Your problem is that you are over-regulated.” Startled, we tried to explain that over-regulation wasn’t our problem, it was… but we never got anywhere. She kept interrupting with her ideas of over-regulation and how if all regulations could just be thrown out we would all be so much better off, etc. It was clear that she had no interest in our actual, real problem. After a bit we gave up and just let her run on about herself and her ideas until we could politely end the meeting.

If you don’t even know what the problem is, how can you help fix it? Vote for Angie Homola. I’ve talked to her. She listens.



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