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Vote Against Sen. Bailey


Published 10/9/16 from Tim Hyatt


For those who want to send their elected representative to Olympia so they can postpone adequate funding for public schools, direct more public funding to charter schools and require the use of test scores in teacher evaluations, then Barbara Bailey is your best bet for state Senate. And if you love jet noise, Barbara's your gal.

Myself, I'd rather have a senator that votes for legislation that actually improves the lives of Skagit Valley residents.

According to Washington Conservation Voters, Barbara Bailey has one of the worst records in the Senate for protecting our environment. She voted against improving oil train safety. She voted against protecting summer water flows. She voted to weaken shoreline protections. She voted to redirect toxic cleanup money to transportation projects. She voted to overturn a voter initiative (I-937) to back clean energy projects.

And when the town of La Conner underwent a devastating property tax increase due to the Great Wolf Lodge court decision, Bailey was no help at all. Some in La Conner saw their property taxes go up by 25 percent or more, but Bailey couldn't be bothered. Instead of helping locals, she was advancing the agenda of the American Legislative Exchange Council and their corporate lobbyists.

She stayed busy bashing Democrats for taxes that they might someday propose and failed her constituents on a broader tax issue that was actually here.

Sure, she can always find kind words for the Tulip Festival, but that doesn't mean she's going to protect our beautiful valley, support our schools or help us in ways that really count. Please join me in voting against Barbara Bailey for Washington Senate.

Tim Hyatt

La Conner

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