Coupeville Examiner

July 13th 2016

Letter from Toni Piazzon


Vote against special interests on Aug. 2


I recently received a telephone survey about the coming election, but it soon digressed into a smear campaign against Angie Homola, candidate for state Senate.

Apparently incumbent state Sen. Barbara Bailey is at it again. It’s been four years since the vicious smear campaign she and her big money lobbyist friends launched against former Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen.

Beware! You might get one of these deceptive calls too.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of all the big-money special interests trying to buy our elections to protect their selfish interests.

Since Bailey took office she has received more than $1 million dollars spent on behalf of her campaign or on smearing her opponents.

Don’t believe it? Check the Washington Public Disclosure Commission website that tracks all the money spent on Washington state’s political campaigns.

The fact is, Angie Homola served as Island County commissioner during one of our worst recessions in history. Island County government faced financial collapse and she worked with Republicans and Democrats to reduce spending, freeze elected official salaries, while preserving essential services for our veterans, law enforcement, vulnerable adults.

Homola even donated more than $40,000 of her own salary to help save senior programs and support public parks and the 4H.

Now that’s a dedication to public service.

Just say “no” to negative campaigning by Barbara Bailey and her “friends” –— vote Angie Homola on Aug. 2.

Toni Piazzon


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