Meet Angie: Our First Video Ad

In a video created by student supporters of Angie, hear some of the key reasons why Angie has garnered such widespread support across the 10th LD.

Angie's Story & Service: Our First Mailer

This informative mailer reached 22,000 voters across the 10th Legislative District. Just like our belief in the transformative role of good public education, we believe in the power of an informed electorate: that's why our first mailer is packed with Angie's story, beliefs, experience, and priorities. You deserve more that talking points--you deserve a representative who isn't afraid to dive into the substance!

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Service, Gratitude, and Togetherness

Happy Nation’s Birthday!

It goes without saying that this Fourth of July looks very different from years past. We may not be able to lie beside one another on blankets in our community parks under glorious fireworks displays, but our desire to celebrate and further democracy could not be stronger. 

I know this because over the past few weeks, in lieu of knocking on doors, many of you have joined me in calling thousands of people throughout Legislative District (LD) 10. During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, phone calls are not only important to my campaign, but also to our ability to connect with one another. It is such a pleasure hearing directly from you about your lives, your needs, and your concerns for a government that represents you, the people.

My campaign is rooted in compassionate leadership for the people of the 10th LD, Washington, and future generations. For the past 23 years, I have dedicated myself to serving community members under the guiding principal that the power of informed citizens’ working together for the common good is the best way to ensure democracy. These are the same values that my husband and his fellow service members fought to defend in the U.S. Navy.

Our Nation’s birthday reminds us that pandering to special interest groups and stagnating in the status quo corrodes our democratic process and diminishes individual freedoms, healthy communities and hope for a unified nation going forward.

COVID-19 and its economic fallout are the most urgent crises we have faced in many decades and we must confront them head on and together--not divided by big money interests.

On this Fourth of July, as we consider the state of our district and state, I am committed to working toward a future where our schools are fully-funded; every community member can afford health care, food, and housing; and we support our neighbors regardless of their age, race, gender, immigration status or income.

In the face of isolation and social distancing, we are inspired by the sense of togetherness exhibited by the people of the 10th LD. Although we may not be able to barbeque or watch fireworks together tonight, I’m as certain as ever that we share a common dream and belief in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

With your help, I will go to Olympia to support all of you, to fight for our shared dreams, and to unite under the stars and stripes of America.

Ballots for the primary election hit mailboxes July 15th. Please visit my website to share your thoughts and:

Happy Nation’s Birthday,
Angie and Family

Solstice Eve Summer Kick-Off

The Summer Solstice is my favorite day of the year--because it’s the longest!

In times like these, it’s important that we celebrate community, even if it's through our screens.

Please join me Friday, June 19th to ring in nature’s longest day at our latitude. June 19th also holds utmost significance in American history: on this date in 1865, the Union Army overcame slaveholder resistance and finally emancipated the enslaved people of the deep south. We continue the fight for true equality for all people. 

We are gathering virtually to celebrate Angie’s recent endorsements and write letters to help get Angie to Olympia where she can fight for all of us. Sign up below and we will drop off a letter-writing packet to your doorstep this week! Please visit for event details and RSVP!

Please help spread the word that my mission has always been about extending justice and fairness to all.  I have grounded myself in that mission as a 23 year Oak Harbor resident and community volunteer, former Island County Commissioner, and with your help - future 10th LD representative. 

Together we are stronger, together we can make positive change happen.


Extending Justice and Fairness to All

My mission has always been about extending justice and fairness to all. 

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery. Cell phone videos have forced us to confront all-too-frequent police brutality against Black and Brown Americans. What about those whose deaths weren’t captured on video, like Manuel Ellis in Tacoma, Isaiah Obet in Kent, Charleena Lyles in Seattle? They deserve justice too. Beyond physical brutality, what about the racial abuses faced by many Native American, migrant and guest workers in our local communities who are often taken advantage of with wage theft, profiling, and abuse? Our nation is hurting and we demand justice.

I stand with my fellow Americans crying out for an end to inequality and brutality. I believe that change must come from our minds and hearts and extend to our actions, unified in a belief that all people are created equal. We must ask our democracy to live up to this value.

Friends, we must not be silent in the face of injustice. 

We must use our privilege to leverage permanent, lasting change. We must fight for the end of systemic and brutal oppression of black and brown people — in our neighborhoods and across our country. It is time to shift mental health care and housing the homeless away from law enforcement, placing it instead under compassionate and effective social services programs.

We are one people, and together we must unite to defend the constitutional rights imperiled by modern politics: democracy, freedom from oppression, and the pursuit of happiness.

As an Island County Commissioner, I fought to increase transparency in the workplace, supported public works contracts to women and minority owned companies, changed hiring practices to inform new hires of union and bargaining rights.

At the state level, I have used my voice to endorse resolutions and legislation supporting Black Lives Matter, condemning extreme violence, suppressing white supremacy, creating hate crime response plans, instituting the $15 minimum wage for all, legally protecting Green Card holders, transgender rights, and tenant protections.

As your representative in Olympia, I will fight tooth and nail for these values of fairness and justice.

True justice is created by leaders with the experience, knowledge, and strong values to make it happen. That’s why I’m running to represent the 10th LD in Olympia.

If you believe, like I do, that a more just and fair state is possible, then I need your support to get to Olympia where I can sponsor and defend bills that can bring meaningful change.

Your help is needed NOW, in whatever capacity you are able to:

  • DONATE so that we can win this campaign for justice 
  • Write a Letter to the Editor
  • Host a Virtual Coffee with me (email me!)

Help Me Call 3,000 Voters!

Ballots for this competitive primary go out in only 17 days! We need your help in getting the word out to voters that Angie is ready, qualified, and committed to representing the 10th LD in the House of Representatives, position (1) (D).

We have a big goal for this week: Call 3,000 voters--a huge number for a state rep campaign in a single week. If you believe in this campaign for proven, compassionate leadership in Olympia, help us tell voters why!

Here’s how: Five days this week, you can join us for virtual phone banks from the comfort of your own home. No experience needed! Each phone bank will begin with a brief training session via Zoom, and we will provide a calling list and short script. You are also welcome to stick around for just part of the virtual phone bank, or the whole time. Click the links below to sign up:

Monday Virtual Phone Bank, 4-8 pm

Tuesday Virtual Phone Bank, 4-8 pm

Wednesday Virtual Phone Bank, 4-8 pm

Friday Virtual Phone Bank, 4-8 pm

Sunday Virtual Phone Bank, noon-4 pm

Join myself, our new campaign interns, and our long standing volunteer and supporters in making calls each day! In just 3 hours, you can contact over 100 voters! Commit an evening to this campaign for a sustainable Washington, one with justice and fairness for all.